At 10am this morning a press conference was held by the organisers of Praise Wine 2020 at the Viontel Hotel Port Harcourt and the UkwuBenda was present to witness and bend this properly to you.

This conference kicked off with an opening prayer, introduction and then an opening speech from the chairman, Pst. MARTINS AMEH.

Pst. Martins Ameh

He welcomed and appreciated everyone who was present from friends, guests and most importantly the men of the press and then sighted that this press conference was historical as it was the first in history of Praise Wine.

Pst. Martins Ameh thanked God Almighty for the revelation, insight and advancement over the years and that they are humbled by God’s mighty acts in the midst of them.

The chairman, Pst. Martins Ameh pointed out saying that “Praise Wine is a non-denominational Christian Organisation registered in Nigeria with a divine mandate from God to gather His people and serve Him a wine of Praise and worship.”

Pst. Martins Ameh also said that the vision for Praise Wine was born out of an encounter the convener, Pst. Adekunle Ilesanmi had with God in a vision on the 25th day of November 2012.

Below is the full speech read out by the chairman

“Calvary greetings!
Heartwarming greetings to distinguished men and women present here today, Prestigious member of the press, invited guests and Friends, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor to welcome you all to this historical Press conference, The first in the history of Praisewine.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I would like to appreciate each and every one of you for honouring our invitation, there is joy in our hearts as you help us to fulfil this God given mandate. Like I always say, every God’s vision, moves the people forward. And that is why this press conference is historical- the very first in the history of Praisewine since inception.

We are grateful to God Almighty for the revelation, insight and advancement over the years. Indeed we are so humbled by His mighty acts in the midst of us as a people.
As you may know, Praisewine International is a non-denominational Christian Organization registered in Nigeria, with a divine mandate from God to gather His people to serve Him a wine of Praise and Worship.

This vision was born out of an encounter with God in a vision, precisely, on November 25th, 2012 there was an encounter with God in a Vision; God showed me a picture of a group of people, known and unknown. Among these are Ministers of God, Government officials, Politicians and all classes of people all together in a place. Regardless of their classes there was a common factor, all of them demonstrating as people intoxicated, Tears were rolling from their eyes, but their faces were lightened up. Obviously, there was no anguish or sorrowful heart and no sign of mourning. Magnificent joy charged the atmosphere. Some people were rolling on the floor some jumping and shouting at the same time. A group fell face down muttering words, some dumfounded, not saying a word or gave a sign whatsoever, just looking shocked by the incident in the hall.
Then I asked why they were in that state, considering the calibre of people; then He said to me, “These people have served me a wine on the altar of praise and worship that I deserve and in return I have served them wine in measures they deserved”.

Afterward, He said distinctively “Gather my people to serve me a wine, a sacrifice of praise which I deserve. Gather them together, families, ministers and title holders who can lay down their titles for the title giver, let them serve me a wine on the altar of praise and worship and in return I will serve them a wine.

The mandate is backup with scriptures “And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great. (Rev 19.5) and Is. 42: 10-17
The Maiden Edition was held on the 14th of April, 2013 titled “Praisewine2013” with evidence of unspeakable acts of God resulting in diverse miracles. Since then, as instructed by God, it has been a vision, an annual event that gathers people of different race, tribes, classes and churches.

We can’t Forget 2019 Edition In a hurry, It’s was the 7th Edition titled Praisewine2019 ,Year of Release, held on the 28th April 2019 at the Obi-wali International Conference Centre, along Airforce Base road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The atmosphere was saturated with the Glory Of God, men and women in their numbers worship God in an unusual manner and many received an unusual testimony.

These last seven editions, has featured great ministers of God across the nation whom God has used to bless His people during the event. Amazing testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders in all previous editions is an assurance that His present tabernacle with us is in praise and worship.

God is set and we are set for the 8th Edition tagged PRAISEWINE2020 (#Praisewine2020). This year what are we to expect? Following the mandate, God cannot deny Himself, He said as the people serve Him wine on the Altar of Praise and Worship, in return He will serve them wine. The wine of God is in different folds, and when you take it, you are satisfied.

No wonder this year, among many of God’s agenda, He is drawing us into an intense, intimate and expressive worship — worship in a different dimension, beyond expressions of bowing, kneeling, lifting of hands, but worship which causes us to come before Him with a renewed expectation to Know Him more. It is the time for Holy Ghost Invasion. It is a revival season for God’s people through Praise and Worship. In addition, every redemptive package will be all inclusive (Breakthroughs, fruitfulness and etc), because as the people praise Him, the earth will yield her increase.

When God want to visit His people, He always send a man. You agree with me that every cases of surgical operation requires team of expert doctors for it. God has also ordained ministers for Himself to lead God’s people in #Praisewine2020. All that matters now is high level preparedness, anticipation and a focused driven heart to serve Him this great Wine.

We therefore call you all to PARTNER with Praisewine International to prove that we not proud, vain and ignorant generation, but a generation ready to return to our first love, return to our very essence of creature, in our closets and also in the congregation, openly and unashamed.

1 pet 2:9- But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light:.
Ladies and Gentlemen on this note, we here by unveil the ministers for Praisewine 2020,
– Preye Odede
– Joe Praize
– Tope Alabi
– Dunsin Oyekan
– Tinuade
– Sensational Bamidele
– H2H (Hosanna to the Highest)
– Alongside are great minds and excellent Production team, including but not limited to Hope2Nation-Lighting, Dakandan Global Concept – Giant of Led screen, Neyro / AB Sound Solution – Sound, Great Cinematographer- Akin Alabi, Deji Talabi, Deji Isijola and Charles Micah, Memories – Photography and Diadem Multimedia – Project Manager.

Member of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen once again I want to say Thanks so much for coming.
It gives me great pleasure to hand back to Flora, who will open the floor to questions.
Thank you.”

Questions where then thrown in from the men of press and all was answered accordingly. Below was what was shared as regard to the questions asked.

What’s the Theme of this year’s edition?
– New Beginning

What are the major challenges you’ve had to face all this years?
– Having to change our venue after the massive crowd we had to accommodate on the first edition. We went on to use Aztech Acrum PH, we also recorded an over flow, we then decided to go in for a much larger hall last year, the Obi-Wali international Conference Centre, PH, but still we had an over flow and massive traffic around the venue. But we’re still looking forward using the Obi-Wali international Conference Centre for this year’s edition. Nevertheless also looking forward to get our own venue someday by the grace of God.

How effective and what measures has been taken to handle security at the event?
– We are fully working with all security agencies in the state to make sure the lives and properties are saved before, during and after the event.

Is there any form of Partnership?
– We’re open to all and any kind of partnership that would help us achieve our aim and purpose.

How would you handle the crowd having the present health threat of Corona Virus?
– We’re already making in place proper sanitary measures at the entrance of the venue to help us to keep every attendee sanitised.

Are there plans for those who might want to attend but might not be able to access the venue?
– Yes, buses would be made available in various locations to help convey all interested attendees to the venue. This was also made available last year as well, but this year we intend to increase the number of buses.
– For those who might love to be part of the event but still couldn’t make it to the venue, we would make available the official concert visuals for everyone to watch after the event and still be blessed.

What are you doing differently on this year’s edition of Praise Wine and what are the expectations?
– Massive chain prayer network is on going.
– Expect what you’ve never expected before.
– This is a channel where you would get an encounter with God Almighty.

After all questions where delt with. The Gospel Minister Tinuade Ilesanmi, the wife of the convener of Praise Wine, Pst. Adekunle Ilesanmi.

Then a closing remarks follows which states that; “There’s no better place to be on the 19th of April 2020 than at the venue, Obi-Wali International Conference Centre.”


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