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Below was Olumati Isaiah review he shared on his Facebook timeline toward the Burna Boy and the 2020 Grammy Awards and valid reasons why he lost the award to Angelique Kidjo.

This Burna Boy and The Grammys.

I think Burna is an amazing entertainer. I am still hooked on the Abeg Abeg Abeg like he just released it.

While Burna didn’t get the Grammy this year, it is not impossible that He gets it some other time. This is if He can maintain the energy. Burna and His team gave the last year some real time energy but part of what I know is, when you give all of your best hoping to attain a feat and you fail, it can be very draining emotional and deflating. The courage to get back on your feet and fight is usually a hard one. Few men alive can give such a fight.

Why did Burna get a nomination for the Grammy?

  1. Burna worked really hard and you cannot take that away from him.
  2. He earned several notable recognition across key holding points globally.

Why Burna didn’t get the “World” award?

  1. Communication

Burna’s songs are great for Africans but really the bulk of His comunication is undertood clearly only by Nigerians and a sprinkle of other African countries who certainly have friends who are Nigerians. If only a small part of the world understand you, you cannot lift a world trophy.

  1. Originality

Burna’s sonund is a hybrid between yesterday and today and it is clearly rooted in the Afro Beat sound credited to the Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. While it is laced with great wind instruments like trumpets anď percussions Burna’s sound is an impure version of the true Afro beat sound and this robs him of His originality and puts him in a shadow. Burna might sound fresh to new school music lovers basically because they did not experience the music of the past.

  1. Character

Burna plays the bad boy character. Maybe it is part of the strategy to stay in the news but then chracter is a big deal for the Grammy. Burna has been openly rude to fans even at concerts, he has walked off stage at events, comes late or does not show up for certain events like awards and does not send in a word and the list goes on. The Grammy will not let that slide. That award can empower his weakness.

  1. Burna makes ear music

This will more easily be understood by musicologists. When we write the scoore sheet and pick out music application sounds in their bits you will find all the loose ends as the music in bits cannot be identified along the lines of world music standards.

Now you have it.”


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