Just this morning, one of UKWUBENDA‘s Bendresses, Karina ISREAL, your radio-chic took to her Facebook wall to share her thoughts on the trending protest concerning the loss of female lives from a suspected Serial killer in Hotels in Rivers State.

She was particular about the seen plague cards been carried around by some females on the protest, stating that “Prostitution is not an Option”

Read below as written in her own words

“So, they say PROSTITUTION IS NOT AN OPTION but even prostitutes have the right to life, the sacrosanctity of our fundamental human right.

Our undoing (majorly to us), is that we are quick to deflect the realities and wear the facade of a moral police, one which we lack all merits to becoming.

WOMEN are being killed by a serial killer on the loose. Prostitute or not, the deceased first are women before any frivolous label comes to speak.

As a girl born, breed and butterd in a Port Harcourt, a city which I was once proud of, I had quiet a number of dealings at the wee hours of the night either as a club event host every Wednesday night at the then Illusions Night Club owned by Dumo Lulu-Briggs or as a red carpet anchor for the then 360 Entertainment owned by Charles Bull or for the sake of wanting to dance off the stress.

In those times, I NEVER for once felt unsafe. I had not the resources to lay off at high end hotels, but I never for once was tagged a prostitute or was given any limitations for being a lady out at that time of day. I could have been a target for these inhumane killings in these times.

We mostly see vices not our problems until it stops foot in our living room.

It started with kidnapping of foreign workers. It was a foreigner scare it’s their business, we are fine.
It then migrated to those with purported wealth or in the political class but now, it could be anyone even a bus driver.
It suddenly is a loud cry for help.
A trend we saw that should have been cut short before it grew wings.

We have refused to learn our lessons, we have refused to act as a people until our grand mothers would be killed, our wives looking for daily bread would be way laid and our innocent little girls would follow suit.

God forbid.

It is easier to call the deceased females prostitutes after all, the dead can’t speak for itself but the hurt would be felt most when it’s in your shores.

The time to act is now.
The time to lend your voices is now.
The time to show solidarity is now.

Join the walk,
Save our future
Save our nation builders
Save our women.

Take off Point: NUJ PRESS CENTER
Date: Wednesday 18th September 2019
Time: 7am
Dress Code: All Black”

……….. Karina ISREAL

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