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The s*xual social media influencer and CEO OHLIVE PLEASURES, OLIVIA SOSE, who deals on s*xual pleasural tools and stimulators, complains bitterly on the reception she gets from her Port Harcourt based customers towards her business compared to the reception coming from her Lagos based customers.

She also shared an unforgettable experience she had with a customer from Port Harcourt as she expressed how bitter she feels about that.

She finally came to a supposed conclusion and policy on how she intends to keep her business running.

Read below to hear from her point of view

“Port Harcourt peeps are very different from those in Lagos peeps ohh.

You might not know until you start your business.

At a point ehn, if someone comes to my inbox and say they reside in Port Harcourt, I instantly become reluctant to do business with them.

Adline Kiente Fenibo just made a comment on her post and it is the truth.
Somebody in Lagos will pay the delivery fee within Lagos without creating any fuss but Port Harcourt people will drag and drag to pay a delivery fee of N800


My company’s policy is “pay before delivery”, and those in other states agree without making a single noise but Port Harcourt customers will say never.
You should come to their house and show them the product before they pay.

I mean just look at.
You won’t pay the money for delivery, you want me to come to your house and deliver your item myself before you pay 😳😳😳😳

If you don’t trust me then is it me that should then trust you????

I tell people all the time, if I don’t deliver your item or I scam you, call me out on Facebook.
Drag me very well…
My reputation is more important than that one business deal.
My safety is also more important than that one business deal.

Maybe because of the ‘sensitive’ nature of my products, I never do deliveries myself.
You will never see Olivia Sose.
So don’t use the excuse of wanting to buy my product to lure me out.
It won’t work.

The very first time I serviced a Port Harcourt customer ehnnn,
Hmmm mmmm
She was my first Instagram customer, so I wanted to please her by all means.

This lady told me to come to her house with all my samples, I canceled my rules and carried bag.
Anyway, I knew the area, my aunt has a salon around there, so before I went to her house, I stopped by at my aunt’s salon and pointed the house to her.

Time for this woman to buy na
She touch this, touch that.
I explained like I was doing a school presentation.
She started beating price.
I told her the price I told you is my final price, prices are non-negotiable.
I hate to haggle, so I put out a uniform price for everyone.
At the end of the day, this woman said she has changed her mind.
Just like that ohhhhh.

Since then ehnnn, anytime I hear Port Harcourt ehnnnn, I dey weak.
And I will never do deliveries myself.
And the policy remains “Pay before Delivery”


………… Olivia SOSE

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