Please dear celebrity, stakeholders, influencers, ma and sir, please i want to sincerely beg each and everyone of you using this upcoming Graphics Designers for free always, I beg you please don’t use them for free they won’t grow that way please, at least if a professional is taking N50,000 to do a design it won’t be bad if you give that upcoming the lest N5,000 to encourage him instead of free.

I have been observing how many of their timelines are flooded with your ART at times, but when they have little monetary issues they begin to beg from family and friends, why am i saying this, because i understand creative process i know the thought that went through their mind before they can achieve those designs you cherished.

While i was growing up in this business i was not privileged to be working free like them, because i was working and learning under a business man, so i didn’t have space to do free jobs at my starting point, i started learning with paid jobs like, receipt, call card, invoice, one colour handbill, one colour poster, letterhead and logos in someone’s established business that’s still running till today, now these young ones who do not have this experience how do you and i encouraged them to get their own business running.

I have seen a budget for a show where the artwork was budgeted at N100,000 that show was in Port Harcourt in may 2019 and a professional was called to handle the job but an insider thought he needed to make money too, so he called the upcoming and gave him 5k out of the N100,000 and asked him to do a confirm for 30Act plus flyers and billboard, I have the sample the professional did and i saw the balancing and ethics of graphics in it, but it was not used because of greed from a stakeholder that refused to pay just 50k where a budget was released.

Remember my office was robbed and immediately we got systems back for work to continue, how do you think we do all that? If it was this upcoming it will take them months of grace and begging to come off it, if today am doing any job for free its at my will and i know it won’t cost me nothing and that person merit it, now you talk about wanting the industry to grow it’s not by talk it’s by work, out of 100k my brother at least 50k would have helped that child you are killing knowingly or unknowingly.

Please i am begging you don’t use them for free even if they are afraid to bill you, please from an open heart help them to grow, for me if i say I don’t need your 10k jobs you might think its pride, but I’ve been working on better jobs that can’t be posted on the media or talked about for the sake of business security, at times for the sake of Grace only one logo covers a month salary of some persons in some company.

I know most of them are still coming up and has not gotten the client base but you can help them to be able to pay for some cheaper seminar by not using them always for free please I beg you put yourself in their shows, they are using system, they sit down and their eyes on the screen and their brain thinking to create and you gladly work away with what they produced for you always, guy why.

Some professionals in my field asked me a stupid and senseless question, what about you that did open art for free? In my mind i was like, are you serious, well i don’t have money to share for them so what i have i gave for IMPACT, which many of them are using to get income, all the graphics and brand classes i have attend i have paid for all of them and I’m still paying, so if am doing impact it’s to change my society with an easy opportunity, I only open them to ART when am going advance they will be ready with their money.

Dear GRAPHICS DESIGNER please always ask them for the least it’s a value for what you are giving out, that person you think will help you also need help, i advice you to please help yourself take something even if it’s small, graphics design should be fun and bring funds.

But in all, as you GROW please know your worth! Don’t be better in the ART and forget the part called ACCOUNT.

I am Benny Odumu i work for #TheMastars

Please help them GROW!



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