“Many don’t have any business in entertainment, i applaud one thing about most of you in Rivers State which is your TALENT, i know i am not an authority in the business either, but understand TALENT and SKILL it will help us.

“Until Rivers State talented youth understand that entertainment is a business mediocrity will never seize” #BennyOdumu
When you are talented which is simply your natural ability, and then if you are not managed properly you will always want to play with it because it’s natural, when you begin to understand and gather skills you will navigate you talent properly.

I was added in a group by who i don’t know how they got my number, but i noticed the admin are three PDP followers and supporters like me, for the sake of entertainment business which favors me atimes i stay back and observed, how one of my learned colleague who was trying to brief them on how to brand the movement they shut him up.

I totally understand with them because in Rivers State and other states apart from Lagos nothing is planed they just gather people and make moves in a hurry, so the young talented youth in Rivers State did as usual.

The most ridiculous part of it was politicizing the entire Rivers State Entertainment without a clear vision and mission, which has brought different headlines on media, the same participant saying we went their to thank him, we went their to beg him to find us something, we went their to make a statement, while the originators have their plans at the back of their mind.

Please i want to beg you all Dear Entertainers in Port Harcourt and Rivers State to whom brain is given sense is expected!
You don’t have to force a Government to support entertainment you work or study to show yourself approved, your Governor worked to be there, sit down discussed plan and have vision, when the vision is clear #TheyWillCome

“Until you solve you first, nobody will benefit in following you” #BennyOdumu
I am Benny Odumu – the Honourable speaker and the campaign manager to the real Mayor of Port Harcourt.

If e pain you unfriend me and let money enter into your account, but if you get sense next time use am #AboyUseYourHeadPan No when to differentiate business and politics #DangoteStillDeyFindMoney”

…….. Benny Odumu


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