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“This word is key if you will ever get close to your best; you have to stretch. Achieve your goals and dare much more, decide to exceed your expectation then commit to that decision. Stretching is to strive for more even after you have arrived. Its to go from nothing to good, good to better, better to best then dare for more better. I discovered that most times immediately we get to our goal, we have gotten to our comfort zone, but its good to know comfort doesnt mean you should stop confronting. In that zone, get disatisfation, fight laziness and go for more. You have to be willing and ready for more and much more, not because you are selfless and materialistic, but because growth must be attained and improvement must be continuous.

Its also important to mention that yesterday best can be obsolete and irrelevant, if you commit to the habit of stretching you make it difficult to lost relevant. You become a go getter that stays relevant and doesnt live in outdated success.

Stretching is to challenge yourself to dare much more than you have achieved. Someone say make big plans so that God can fit in. Look at your performance rates, sales records, earning, reports and say this is too good but it has to be better. There are cities I dont perform last year or have not been to in my career, this year am determined to stretch by networking in order to work in those cities. There are client level I didnt service, now i think am going for that level. Its hard but I must stretch, push myself beyond my limit. If you quote 250k, its never a bad idea to work yourself into position that you can successfully ask for more.

Stretching is to start and commit to disciplining yourself into learning and developing helpful habits. We will all agree thats not easy, because you are understand value of that habit, you embrace the challenge to stay discipline and gain new ways.

Pls in Life and career, your willingness to stretch is the key to bigger winnings and greatness. Displeased your norms and be discipline to be better and get better results. Dont live too long on yesterday’s accomplishment. Stay strong #KobabaYouthConvention


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