The #StreetAye crooner, DAHVI, just posted about his exit from his former label, No Limit Music, on his Facebook wall right after the long wait on his music career.

We’ve all been waiting to hear from him and now he lights the candle with this post.

“This is to officially announce to the general public that starting from today 23/11/2018. I, Frank Desmond also known as “DAHVI” seizes to be part of the “NO LIMIT MUSIC” record label.

This development was fairly discussed and agreed by both parties of the contract (Frank Desmond a.k.a Dahvi and MR Kingsley Anu C.E.O NO LIMIT MUSIC) as there are no hard feelings attached to this press release but was made agreeable with clear understanding.

This is also to inform the general public that this isn’t a case of bridge of contract as earlier stated, both parties came to an agreement with clear understanding of the reasons for the termination of the contract (reasons withheld)

With that said I,”DAHVI” wishes the “NO LIMIT MUSIC” label well and more progress in all endeavors, I,”DAHVI” also uses this medium to thank the Record label for a proper grooming of my career and personal lifestyle and also appreciate the efforts the label have put on my talent and also did all possible best to help push it to a wider audience and it’s greatly appreciated, NO LIMIT MUSIC LABEL still remains more of a Family to me than a label, I wish the label well, GOD BLESS!🙏🏻

Frank Desmond A.K.A DAHVI.”


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