The blatant truth is that many young people in Nigeria take to violence and other immoral vices simply because of inadequate employment opportunities in our present society, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop truly… but entertainment today is bridging that gap…and doing it successfully.

The Okujagu community in Rivers state is an area where there has been restiveness but as the saying goes, ‘white pap comes out of black pots’… Talents abound in abundance in this area also.

Film maker and music video director, BOBBY RAK has decided to support some of these young people as a way to give back using his skill, professional experience and resources by embarking on a free music video project.

He will be shooting a free video for the song titled “WAVE IT” which is a gospel dance track performed by a 2 man group called DE OBEDS and featuring a prolific rapper called MILES.

The term WAVE IT means to forgive and let go if offended. This video will involve over 20 young dancers from the community who will display their exceptional dance skills.

Rehearsals has been on-going for weeks and the video shoot is set to take place on August 25th 2018 at Okujagu.

This project is supported by the CEO of NO LIMIT ENTERTAINMENT Mr. Kingsley Anu and Nelson Bright of WETCLAY MEDIA

Entertainment, if properly supported in the south can become a major source of employment and help to reduce or even stop youth restiveness. This is the way to go.

Bobby Rak


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