“Our Upcoming Artiste(s) are perishing…

Everything in Nigeria Entertainment is Over Rated and this is having great effect on our upcoming artistes.

The endorsement(s) fees, artiste show fees and all you here and read about are all white lies quote “Ethrice”. Is very interesting to read that anybody with one hit song in Nigeria after 4/5months is worth 900 million naira or 1 billion naira like they normally make our innocent young citizens believe.

Its very difficult or near impossible to measure wealth in third world countries which Nigeria happen to be part off because the economy is not properly structured and documentation is zero. So for you to say an Artiste is worth certain amount what are your yardstick?

80% of Nigeria Entertainers has lost their true identity trying to live a fake life or a made believe life and this is why they die in silence or disappear from the scene when they cant keep up with the fake life or lies anymore.

Truthfully speaking there is no business like show-business but it has to be done as Business and not just as a show or entertainment. Take a quick glance at the most successful Entertainers in the world and you will see they all got chains of businesses and not the business of wearing gold plated chains and driving cars that there is no roads to drive through or parts to fix when they got problem.

If you must excel and be relevant in entertainment you must learn to be original and learn the business part of Show-Biz. It’s very good to read news online, television, newprints or listen on radios but always have the spirit of discernment to pick what is right from what is wrong…”

Whats your take on this?


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