“Dear Port Harcourt People

Port Harcourt isn’t just a city, it’s an idea. A bold and Noble idea, one that brings people from different tribes and tongues together, one that everyone can call Home.

I want to introduce you to the Port Harcourt to the world campaign, a campaign championing self-realization amongst us.

It’s time we woke up and see how blessed, talented and Virgin we are, how much potential we carry in our DNA. The Port Harcourt spirit.

*Gone are the days when we let our greatest minds go because we felt they were too talented for us to own.

*Gone are the days when Major companies that make millions from our patronage turn a blind eye when we go to them for support.

*Gone are the days when we waited for the government to streamline our creativity to what they think is best.

*Gone are the days when we boasted in past glories because we felt we have nothing new to offer.

Now is the time. Our time. The only Time.

The time to show the world that we can, that we are able and capable, that we are strong and willed, determined and focused.

I come here this day to crave our indulgence this once; let us put aside our differences, political, generational, religious or personal differences.
Let us come together as one force, one strong force, an unstoppable force. The Pitakwa Force.

Let us put Port Harcourt First.

The Port Harcourt to the world campaign exists to showcase, promote, sell and export Port Harcourt positively. To show the world a glimpse of what we are made of.

We intend for a start, making Port Harcourt the Fashion capital of Africa, a city people in New York, Hong Kong, Mombasa or Paris would refer to as the ideal place for Fashion.

We believe our talents could be world class from anywhere in the world, even Port Harcourt.

…and come 22nd December 2018, we will Attempt to Break the Guinness World Records for the World’s longest Fashion Runway of 3km.

In conclusion, are you a shop owner, Fashion designer, model, school teacher, politician or entertainer?

Join us, let’s shock the world together, let’s remind them that there’s a city in Africa where the taste of Bole and Fish is a taste of heaven.

Together, let’s take Port Harcourt To The World.
This is the Port Harcourt dream.



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