The professional Graphic designer, BENNY ODUMU reacted and lashed the organizers of the soon to come event tagged “A NIGHT WITH GOVERNOR WIKE MUSIC CONCERT”. ThaUkwuBenda stumbled on his post on social media where he spoke out loud on the lack and neglect of local content from Rivers State on the bill and the weak artwork design that was made for the event.

Read below as posted in his own words


Oya get ready to unfriend me or block me, and let my account balance reduce because of you.

I put it to you that Rivers State entertainment industry doesn’t have epilepsy but he dey shake, some of the entertainers who are supposed to be talking about their industry is busy talking about Traffic Light and roundabout and joining Soot campaign that others have collected money and kept quite.

See we have almost a thousand and one professional graphic designers who pays fucking bills in this f*cking State who can do a proper artwork that the Governor will be properly presented, and if we want to grow our own artiste it’s not by packing people from outside to crowd our own project.

I will advice who ever is doing this nonsense to promote your own first instead of looking down on them, I wish i know the organisers of this nonsense show i would have talked to you guys direct, we have enough artist and comedian in the City of Rivers State who are always promoting and paying their dues, Lagos Government will not do this kind of nonsense and bring any idiot or nonsense artiste from your f*cking State.

Government try and grow your own let outsiders come and invest in them, and i know some of the lazy act in Port Harcourt will be begging for space to perform and give you the privilege to look down on them the more, and i also know some of you in this artwork for are their for just peanut or a platform to showcase yourself as a meatpie in a show glass.

If entertainers don’t come together and speak with one voice this nonsense will cripple your industry and it will be increasing because many will come to live with the understanding that that’s how it’s supposed to be, my dear Rivera State hate me or love me i have said my own.

This is a total nonsense, shit and f*cked!


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