Superstar MAXI, hits his social media wall with an official statement clearing the air about his present state with E1 Records cause there has been a lot of smoke in the atmosphere.

Below was what Maxi had to say to the general public, media houses and fans. Read through…


To my fans, DeeJays, OAPs, Bloggers, lovers of good music all around the world & most especially the entertainment industry in general, I, ABIDOYE ADESHEYE KAZEEM aKa(Superstar Maxi) wishes to announce that I am no longer connected, signed to or in any form of business with “E ONE RECORDS”.

This was made official by the record label ruling me to be unfit & disrespectful which is no way true. I want to say both parties parted ways due to irreconcilable differences.

My legal team and I therefore has decided to let the record have the 3 songs I produced under them which are; Lap Dance (Video), Love Martters & Harmattan. This means I won’t be promoting any of them as mentioned above. I also from henceforth will not be using the record’s name for any of my promotional ads. In line with that, Eone Records, is also not permitted to use my name for any form of publicity. Any payment(s) being made for my presence based on performances or appearances to them is an absolute fraudulent move because I’m no longer with the said label.

Furthermore, any unjustifiable act by the label using any of my names will be taken and treated seriously by my legal team & management hence I’m free from any sort of clause whatsoever that bounded our initial agreement.

I also want to use this medium to thank the management of EONE RECORDS for the opportunity & experience I got being with them and as well wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Superstar Maxi has worked very hard to build his personal brand and that I’ll keep doing. I can’t wait to keep making more good music for my fans especially those of who have been there for me from when this journey started years back. My only prayer is for God to give me the grace to keep soaring and never to live short of your expectations. To my fellow music artistes, not every name that has a “Label” at the end can fund your career. Learn to be careful while choosing people to trust and above all, never forget the reason you started in the first place.

My social media handles still remain the same and intact. I’m very much open to business deals, events & worthy record labels interested in signing.

Thank you.

For bookings : 07031584764, 08151031578

Ezioku commander”

What do you think of this…. Whats really Happening? Why the short stay with labels? What’s not right?

please share your comments below.


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