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“TRY, don’t CRY!

Life biggest winners were once serial losers. They failed and failed again, but the bottom line is that the kept trying, that’s how to change your narratives and record better outcome.

Instead of trying in the midst of difficulties and setbacks, most of us are experts in crying. We just live to complain, murmur, blame others and block possible ideas and strategies that would have pop up. The worst case scenario is entitlement mentality most of us have developed.

The key to a better life and career is to keep trying instead of crying. There is no hassle free life and career, you will face rough and tough times, just be the tough guy and understand that if you refused to quit, think of a way out, learn the lesson and try again, you might come out with a better result.

One of the most common things I hear from people these days “is no show for me na, so no money” sorry you might quit but if you keep producing, promoting, performing and projecting yourself, someone might find you and be your catalyst. If you are like me, you might just learn how to do small things and earn small money from your fan base and clientele. I don’t cry so am advising Please don’t cry, try if you don’t want to be that entertainer, graphic designer, professional or young man with dry pocket.

Please this is an appeal, if you are doing something it’s not working, seek counsel, learn better ways, relate with good people that can encourage your effort, observe people in the same industry that are getting results; start from a small scale and grow up. Show alot of commitment, enthusiasm and energy against all odds. Please ensure that you live within your means as you do this. If you are someone that can’t live within your means, you will put yourself into much pressure and grow impatient. You can rise to prominent and earn good returns, but if you stop trying and start crying, then you are in for a dry life. Please be the trying gentleman and not the crying baby, the world is rough but the tough men will always scale through. Our city is already paying the strong and I want you to be strong……. #OyaDoLikeKobaba, try don’t cry.”


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