The young growing Port Harcourt based NO LIMIT MUSIC producer, songwriter and Artiste, JEFFY JEFF, decides to share an article abut the hustle and bustle around the Nigerian Entertainment Business, in which he says it was meant for his fellow colleagues in the industry from Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja and all over Nigeria.

Read below and share your thoughts on this issue.

“Music is Business, Talent is a Gift from our Maker. A Record Label Owner is a Blessing to an Artist. A talented and Humble Artist is an Investment to a Record label CEO. So when the Artist doesn’t get the desired Stardom who then is on the loosing side? The Artist and the CEO right? Meaning that it’s a 50/50 thing.

Getting a Hit song is Rare but when it comes Story changes, if not promoted very well it’s no longer a Hit. It Doesn’t end by just been talented or having a hit Song, So many underground Artist without a Record Label can Boost of Mad Hit song’s dat remained unheard because of lack of finance or a Good investor to promote their Brand. So brothers and sisters in This Our fast growing Money Is Everything Entertainment Business, My Advise for us is to stop complaining and work.

A record Label can even shoot more than three video for u but u will still not make the desired impact. Now Some of our A List Artists BACK then in PH and Lasgidi that are struggling to Raise their head Again in our present day competitively minded Entertainment, were the reasons for their woes and Struggle they experience today. They didn’t manage their Fame very well. They were very relaxed and comfortable as Port Harcourt Best Artist with one or two hit Songs as if they will not sing tomorrow again.

A fan u get today as a Good Musician will still be alive to fan the next rated Artist coming after u. So u need to work harder to remain Relevant and don’t blame anybody for ur jittery Success. Am not been Sarcastic but talking like some one dat is directly involved in this Business too. Pls don’t take it too personal but Read with an open heart and edit your Better part from my Publication or advise as the case maybe for your personal use.

Thank u all and God bless us all. We go finally Blow
My Name is Jeff Darlington Donald and i just want to make COMMON SENSE.


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