Raaah! ThaUkwuBenda had to stage the young fast rising female artiste, KEILLA on a chat to hear her own side of the story, after Legendary Suni claimed he wasn’t having anything more than a platonic relationship with Keilla.

You’d like to read this as well Legendary-suni-denies-the-rumour-about-his-affair-with-singer-keilla-legendarysuni-iamkeilla.

Maybe she would help us link in the missing pieces to what some of is might be missing.

Below was the chat engagement held together between ThaUkwuBenda and her onto matter.

UkwuBenda: People have been asking and would really like to know what’s happening between you and Legendary Suni.

Keilla: I don’t understand

UKWUBENDA: What do you have to say about what they’re saying or assuming?

Keilla: 😂 😂 It is what it is.

UKWUBENDA: Questions are popping up, they want to hear from. The horses mouth.

Keilla: I and Legendary Suni have a relationship, A working relationship, And we are very good friends… We goof and play all the time… Cause Suni is a fun person… But that’s all, nothing more.

UKWUBENDA: Some say the pictures speaks differently from what you’re saying.

Keilla: It’s a love song… Everything about the song should depict the love thing. I love when people can connect with my work, in the sense that everything from the artwork, to the video and all that concerns it should look very real… So people can connect.

UKWUBENDA: Ok so that means it wasn’t the union between you two that is #CalledLove?

Keilla: No.. No… Its the title of the song.

UKWUBENDA: Do you mean that he’s not your type of man?

Keilla: Jeeeeez… 😂 😂 Now thats too straight forward… He’s an amazing person… A good friend… And that’s all it’s going to be.

UKWUBENDA: OK but what if he feels different and pops in the big question or maybe shows it, as it seems to run this days?

Keilla: Well… Its not bad to express how one feels… But it’s a no no from me… Cause I’m currently in a serious relationship.

UKWUBENDA: Hmm would you like to tell us about that, as in who’s the guy?

Keilla: Ohhh no, That’s personal, It’s a part of my life I try to keep private.

UKWUBENDA: Ok coolio

This was all ThaUkwuBenda could get from Keilla on this matter. What do you think about what she shared here? Is she hiding something? Or is she been real? Share your thoughts with us below the comment box.


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