“My biggest concern of recent have been our ability to see ourselves as brand with value and as well as knowing too well that product or service we offer need good calls of patronage if we will actually survive and succeed as creative professionals.

There is no better time than now to see the need to invest a little resources in learning marketing. Sometimes all you need to spend is time in reading online, books and asking people doing what you want to do questions. Honestly, the power of visibility and profitability has a lot to do with knowing how to market and being the marketer of your brand.

Marketing in our industry is the use of strategies, tactics and concepts to create interest in your brand. You need to know how to communicate, promote and connect with the people you need and who should also need what you offer. I personally feel sad that I got to know this when I have spend years doing thing mechanically in my career, but the knowledge came and I saw improvement as I set up a marketing team and we are applying them for the good of my career. If you have established my PR team early, am very certain things would have been bigger and better.

I need you to prepare for a ride this week as we talk about branding, PR, social media marketing, client relationship, customer service culture and selling. We will discuss this in simple terms. The value of marketing brings to our career is big and cannot be under estimated. In today’s world, you make things happen and you don’t wait for things to happen. Actions must be taken deliberately, our industry is competitive and if you lack passion and stay passive, lot of things will pass you. Know marketing and apply them to improve your career.

Friends, you need to get visible, promote your brand, have new and bigger clients, retain them and get more referrals. Please the best time to work and make these happen is now.”


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RAAAAH! Call him ThaUkwuBenda, He's the one and only true Bender.. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO). He is also a Lycann, a Musical Artiste, Song Writer, Performing Artiste, Online Publicist and Promoter, C.e.o. Kpos! Get farmiliar

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