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Social media seems to be sweating it out as popular blogger/social media influencer, YOUNG ENDY and graphic designer BENNY ODUMU jabs each other while trying to put peace in one corner.

This turns out to be a matter of two pals punching each other publicly with lines. As Dr. Barz would always preach #PunchLinesNotPeople

Read through the below post shared by Young Endy….

“Open Letter To Benny Odumu #SmokeThePeacePipeNowOrNever.

My Ghanaian folks will always say “If ant go bite you, then that ant dey the wrapper wey you tie”, as funny as it may sound, you have insulted my personality as Young Endy and I think an official apology to me will do us good as Entertainers.

I won’t Stretch on your falls now, but I must confess that I am disappointed in the manner you are reacting to a blog post I made about you and Tamunowari Tammy on Saturday captioned “#SoGood: Tammy T triggers Benny Odumu Into Faking His Religious Believe As He Testify The Goodness Of God. #YoungEndysBlog”, you of all people should know that it’s not always you will get the nice captions from a controversial blogger like myself.

Before now I have published several articles that has help in publicising you and your Projects, #OpenArt is one of those projects I can’t stop talking about, and I won’t stop now. But one thing you should understand is that you can’t control my style of reporting unless you are paying me to report for you.

As a “Celebrity Graphics Designer” that you claim to be, your business automatically has been made my business as a news hunter, and how I talk about you it’s not your business, but that of your media adviser. Responding to criticism yourself tells me you are yet to understand real show business.

Publicity whether good or bad can be channeled into success as an Entertainer, all you need is a Publicist to help rephrase and republish the negativity into positivity. We becoming close pals has helped us both as we have shared ideas that can empower the creative ability for thousands of Youths in Nigeria.

I know I am controversial, but I can beat my chest and tell it to your face that you love my style of blogging. Can we smoke the peace pipe through an apology or you will rather choose we continue?

#TalesFromAblogger, This letter was inspired by concerned friends and fans of Young Endy and Benny Odumu. #PeaceIswhatWeNeed, and with Victor Barz Akpomon we can #PunchLinesNotPeople. #YoungEndy”

Right after this statements were later out, BENNY ODUMU dropped his comment on the thread saying….

Benny Odumu

“He is a kid, wisdom is profitable to direct I’m only letting him know one simple thing if i am your man, inform me before taking my issues public, Muslim no be human being them be? But it’s not a media issue my people all i need is him acknowledging his mistake, I don’t block people feel free to block me, it’s just mere Facebook block not Destiny! He is my friend but must agree to his punching me instead of lines. Thank you”

What do you think is really happening here? Is there something we really don’t know that might be the cause of all this? Cos it doesn’t really look like what it is here. More would be unveiled


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