Successful Comedian, consultant and entrepreneur, KO BABA shares his thoughts about many music acts not been keen on growing an active fan base with resources and platform around their reach.

Read what he said in his own words…

“I woke up this morning and I was wondering why is it difficult for so many music acts to live up and gain fanbase, and the recent Daytime Thriller hosted by Mediaworks came to my mind.
Of course everyone attending an event put together by Isaac Utere shouldn’t expect anything less than classy stage set up and the overall setting for the show will be out of this world. The show came and ended on a high note, but my pains is as a result of poor business and branding approached of our artistes; they don’t take clips of their performances on such prestigious and fancy stage to upload on social media.

Please if you get on a stage like that, give a friend your phone if you don’t have a manager to make video while you perform and then you share on social media. Just cut out of the very best even one minute with fan response for the uploads. I have only seen a clip of Rave from the show and I wonder what others were doing, worst case is some don’t even share pictures to create an impression. The first time I fell in love with Barz was from a clip of Daytime Thriller upload by my friend; Bobby Rak. I had never seen him performed, but from that one clip I loved him and had high expectations about him.

Please I want to recommend this approach for your career growth. Anytime you get a good stage or a big stage, do a clip. You don’t need a professional cinematographer for this one, a good phone handled by a composed gentleman is good to go. You don’t have to do a shaky shaky clip or a clip were the handler will be discussing to override your audio. This is an appeal, and it’s one sure way to generate likability and visibility on social media. The future is bright, don’t give up and keep working. God bless!!!”

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