The successfully growing comedian, entertainment consultant and motivational speaker, KO BABA, shares light on the angle entertainers should start to channel their brands to enable them coup in more finance for their brand.

Ko Baba Jornsen

“Hello friends, I don’t know how you are going to break in, I started that journey way back, last year I got more strategic and got more success. I noticed that the money is with the corporations by this I mean companies. I believe that corporate events will pay you good than several others. Religious events are frequent, but corporate events hold the cashbox, especially if your brand has gained good visibility around your territory.

Please keep working and advance your brand, find a way and align with the finest and biggest event managers in your city, they are the people doing most of the recommendations for this companies when they call. In today’s entertainment business, you need corporate organizations on your clientele list to earn good money. The truth be told, your most likely chance to earn 6 figures as an entertainer is tied to the corporate world. Political businesses are full of hopes and fault promises, and nobody trick people into free performances than politicians, of course the ones properly negotiated has paid off for me. Our business have the corporate, political, religious, social and educational market; but friends the corporate market is the bomb, you will even get touch with captains of industries and clients that may still patronize and pay more from there. Please find your way and break in now. God bless!!!”

ThaUkwuBenda sure knows that KO BABA is right from he’s own perspective but also not right from some other person’s own. Yes, upgrading and building the brand is very essential but streaming to one major source just can’t work for everyone.

There are definitely other means and sources an entertainer can reap from about from the cooperate bodies. Some has benefited alot from the political sector, some from the Religious sector, while others from the street.

Well, feel free to share your thoughts on this blog post.


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