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The self acclaimed #QueenOfTheSouth, song writer, singer, model, entrepreneur and one of ThaUkwuBenda’s bendresses, KEILLA, who also performed live at the Vibes Of Legendary Suni which was held at the Vineyard Shopping Centre in Port Harcourt, shared her own experience. Read below and don’t forget to drop that comment of yours.

“My experience at the Vibes of Legendary Suni..
Hmmm where do I start, OK he started telling me about it months ago, and then it got really close to the time for the event, preparations were made, I wasn’t present though, but I was following the Legendary Suni team up, and I saw that they were doing a great job, no wonder the show was a success..

Fast forward to the day of the event. I wasn’t in Port Harcourt so I didn’t meet up rehearsals and all that, so I had to fly in from Lagos that morning (morning of the event), did my rehearsals that afternoon, went back home and got ready.

So when I got back for the actual show.. From the look of things everything was on point, I was ushered upstairs to the hall and the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘Wow!, the stage was something else’ from the lights to decorations and just everything was so classy.. I wasn’t disappointed..

And I got vip treatment, I don’t know why I keep saying that though but that was exactly how I felt, then I was called to perform, twas exciting and I was quite nervous but after a few seconds I felt good, people actually knew my song and they were singing alone and that just blew me away… One word for Tvols, is LIT 🙌🏾… And I hardly use that word for just anything..

But Suni brought it, he gave it to us 💯.. And I just love that he can do that effortlessly.. Its an event I’ll forever remember.”


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