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For those who followed up with the first version “EMEKA AND THE WARRIOR PRINCESS ADAOBI (PART 1)“, today we continue from where we stopped. Enjoy viewing…

painting credit – Kendy Joseph (Chevelin illustration )
story written by: Chibuike Francis Duru

The soldiers gave EMEKA the dagger to kill ADAOBI. Unfortunately, EMEKA had already made a split second decision. He used his eyes to signal DIKE for an attack. This was a signal which DIKE understood very clearly.

In a twinkle of an eye DIKE attacked one of the soldiers, EMEKA strangled the other soldier with his bare hands applying little or no stress, for he was a great warrior. He also assisted DIKE and they killed the two soldiers.

EMEKA pulled ADAOBI up. He looked straight into her eyes and said what seemed to be the sweetest words ADAOBI ever heard her whole life. “I love you so much and can not afford to lose you, I would do whatever it takes to protect you and your happiness would be my priority from this moment on, thanks for sparing my life” – EMEKA said as he kissed her.

ADAOBI was dumbfounded. No one ever made her feel that way her whole life, she never had a real boyfriend of her own, and was in fact still a Virgin, her friends will always call her the Virgin Princess each time they joked.

She couldn’t resist EMEKA, she enjoyed the moment while EMEKA kissed her passionately. DIKE watched them in bliss and the whole atmosphere was filled with love and romance.

They found a land where no one dwelt, this land was filled with so many good things. ADAOBI would fetch some fire woods to be used as fuel to cook the meal.

EMEKA and DIKE became good friends. They always hunt together and came back home everyday with the best kill. They were all happy and had more than enough to eat and drink.

EMEKA and ADAOBI literally did everything together. This includes bathing in the stream.

They had to renew their tribal marks of identification which was washed off in the stream. They helped themselves to do this.

EMEKA would always tell some interesting stories and ADA never got bored to listening to his stories.

One faithful night, EMEKA went hunting for leaving DIKE behind to watch over ADAOBI.

DIKE noticed flames far away and started barking. ADA got up and looked towards the directions of the flame. Lol and behold, UMUAHIA was on fire, her village was going down in flames.

ADA couldn’t wait for EMEKA to return, she ran back to her village and DIKE followed her.

On getting to UMUAHIA, they discovered that the whole village has been surrounded by fierce looking soldiers. There were too many of them and this got ADA and DIKE scared, so they sneaked in quietly.

The women of UMUAHIA were held captive. ADA couldn’t keep her cool any longer when she saw CHISOM being maltreated by a soldier on guard.

She killed the guard and DIKE helped to set the women free.

“Where is my mother? Who are these people? What do they want? What happened here?” – ADA asked CHISOM too many questions at a time.

“I don’t know, the soldiers took EZENWANYI to one of the huts in the palace” – CHISOM said.

ADA couldn’t wait for her to finish talking, she immediately went searching for her mother desperately and ready to put up a fight.

The soldiers discovered an intruder. ADA’s presence was uncovered, they all surrounded her. ADA tried to fight but there were too many of them.

They captures her alive because she looked more different from the other women. They taught to themselves that this must be the princess.

The soldiers took ADA to their commander.

ADA was completely hypnotized. The commander of the army that had destroyed her own village was someone she never expected to see.


painting credit – Kendy Joseph (Chevelin illustration )

story written by: Chibuike Francis Duru


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