“Liars talked down on Port Harcourt and told you the city doesn’t buy tickets. Well, maybe they were right. But I have run my career, proving them wrong. People who have been consistent with my major shows, will tell you that I sell out in most cases, or at least get an appreciable amount of response. Guess what? I have belief that has helped my brand and business.

Please, I want to ask: what’s your belief? And why do you hold unto that belief?. In this business, our belief system is like the force that makes us move and work as much as we ought to. Please do a reality check on your belief system; is it helpful or hurtful? Some of us simply hold this strong feeling that it doesn’t work here, and expectedly, it won’t work here for you.

Friends, YOU live with your belief, and it’s important that you remain optimistic. I believe that I can do events in Port Harcourt, charge fees for access, and hit my targets. And over the years, it has worked for me. Some colleagues shared this belief, but lost it along the line. I can tell you the reason, if you ask me: they had a belief, but lacked staying power. And since their belief didn’t gain roots from any substantial successful experiences, they withered. Some began, but lacked the behavioral approach that makes for success. Some began, tried to behave well on course, but couldn’t bear when it got progressively tasking. The truth is, I have learnt to begin, behave, bear and conquer, against all odds.

Please, it can work for you, like it did for me, if you’d have confidence in your brand and always deliver value. People always leave my event excited and happy to ask about the next one. That’s what makes it work. Years ago, I dared not charge 50k per couple, for an event. Today, I’m doing that comfortably, and am ready to match that with value as well, and make it a regular occurrence. Who is struggling with positive self belief, its time to work on it and raise the bar.”


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