“Good morning all, please except some typo in this article because am tired… LoL. Let me say am having issues with, release song, give 3 bloggers, do 2 radio interviews and then start applauding yourself. It’s tougher than that bro and we all need to realize that fact now. It’s not enough to do comedy shows, at least getting a client or two that will be patronizing you after then it’s key. No business survives without a customer, which individual, family, church or companies patronizing you?

Let me share a thought with you all. I might be achieving that with GospelGangParty soon. Imagine getting a company that partner your small events with a small amount of money and souvenirs. You create and tour with them around clubs, streets, campuses, churches if it’s not a spirit drink, etc. This vibes can give you a superstar feel and a little leftover money for you. Grafton gave Mr 2kay lots of visibility with the Christian brothers deal, but you know what; you must have one known song to easily pull this through or appear as the good guy that can pull things through and bring strong faces together. You must work to be visible and all of you here must get into the streets and companies, then where the money is. If you do gospel in this town, there are 7 churches in Port Harcourt, you must gain at least 4 to call attention from the other churches.

Entertainment is a verb, an action word, it’s not a noun oooh. Here in this city, we just assumed and don’t really resume as professionals. We spend for drinks and swag, yet ask how many of us have ever paid a blogger to sponsor my post or sponsor it by ourselves.

My people google what you need to do and breakthrough, then write it down and start practicing them. Not very few of us care about helping others in this town, yet people like us are being hated by some of our colleagues who are feeling threaten and thinking that we are getting influential. ROY and some others have some valid point, I repeat it that we must be hardworking as entertainers. Playing around and pushing your song, shoot videos, collaborate, network and find a point man in Lagos that can place your content on the major TV houses. There is so much to do and you have to do or forget it. It’s your career and you must be ready to carry it ooh.

Guess the call that woke me up this morning; a fashion house coming to Port Harcourt needs me to showcase their wears and it’s not free. Why? Because they have rated my territorial brand power and feel am visible. Please we need to do something every week to improve our career. Our environment might make our advancement to be studded and slow, but it can’t limit us as much as our attachment. The things we like to do with our time and resources, your attachment needs to be your career as not tramadol, drinks, women and fake life ooh. If you want to call more attention to yourself in few years time, start now and pay attention to your career. God Bless.”


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