The celebrity graphics designer was spotted in Abuja on sunday morning after embarking on a visit to Bayelsa State in preparation for Open Art 2018, so ThaUkwuBenda’s bending bee decided to fly to him and grab something new from him.

Been in contact with him, he said;

“2018 i see many NEW things coming up, but we all have to keep a positive mind and avoid some pleasant distractions.
If we can keep our focus intact we can avoid the issues of low cost on our values”

he quoted.

Further more he said;

“this 2018 for me is going to be a year of more hard works and smart works and i will always keep it at only quality and standard delivery to keep the name at the top always. I will be doing more of studies and travelling this year to better my craft and service for good results.

Knowing fully well that not every client and relatives or friends want to pay you so you will have no option than to manage both. Cash is not always money there are other ways people pay but this year it’s better many people have that understanding.”

“I pray this 2018 we all meet ourselves at the top and support each other with top notch and celebrate each other with an open heart.

Thank you.
I wish you many NEW things.”


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