“Hi, My name is Dr. Barz.
After the viral success of my song titled “PH CITY” (which basically centered around the everyday life in the city & experiences living in it). A lot of individuals may or may not have mis-read some lines as negative promo, but in sincerity, all I did was speak the bitter truth which residents and visitors alike in the city of Port Harcourt can relate to.

I believe Music/Hip-Hop isn’t just a tool for the clap trap, but a powerful medium that should be used to pass on knowledge to the hearts & minds of listeners, solve a problem, and ultimately ease the soul.

That said, I’d like to use this opportunity to throw a challenge out there; to all active Lyricists, Hip-Hop heads, Poets, Wordsmiths, Celebrities, and generally all well meaning individuals across the globe. Let’s help use our voice to rid our immediate communities of the violence taking over the world.

Thus, let us #PunchLinesNotPeople

The challenge is to use simple use words, pictures etc. to dissuade violence, adding the hashtag #PunchLinesNotPeople

I already started and I know you can do better; I believe in you, and you should too, hence let’s do this together!!”


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RAAAAH! Call him ThaUkwuBenda, He's the one and only true Bender.. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO). He is also a Lycann, a Musical Artiste, Song Writer, Performing Artiste, Online Publicist and Promoter, C.e.o. Kpos! Get farmiliar

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