Mr Olumati Isaiah shared another article of his again. But this time he addresses this one to Small independent business Enterprises, Artistes artisans, curators, Sales Men and creative form different sectors that deals on sales primarily.

Read below what he had to say

Olumati Isaiah:

“Good morning.

My thought today is simple

Do not compromise your best escence or value.”

Today, I write for sales men, for small independent business enterprises. I write for artists, artisians, curators and generally, creatives from any and every sector where sales is key to continuity.

On the subject of your value in the market place, people will continue to push for you to make a compromise. In fact, today at a level compromise have been wrapped as a kind of marketing principle, some call it a bait (Sell for free hoping at the next sale, people would buy at Premium).

I have observed the trend and studied carefully enough to notice that those who require you to compromise have not found desperate need for what you offer. If you offered it any lesser they would still require you offer even lesser.

Those who have found desperate need for it would scramble, scout, save, hustle, turn down buildings to have it at your value exchange. Isn’t it why ladies borrow to get some Brazillian hair regardless of the expense? Isn’t this why people take a loan from the bank to buy a car? Isn’t this why a guy would borrow from his friends to take a girl for lunch, pay her cab fare and walk home? Perceived value and need.

Those who think your product it is too expensive are only saying, they are too broke to get it, they obviously are not in your niche. Those who are, just get it. People buy cars like a Bugatti almost daily.

You see, the thing with expressively broke people (that is those who are broke and can always just air it) is that they are also broke mentally. The mental fabric to dispher a need and desperately gun for some solution at best is a missing link for them.

Remain uncompromised. Offer the best, offer your best, offer premium and stay at your value. Those who are called for you will find you.

In a world of 7.6billion as of December 2017, you have people who will buy into you. The African space is estimated to have a current population of 1,272,626,720 and the Nigerian population is ebbed around 186millon.
In this lot, You have people who can afford your product and buy into you. Find them!

Kings shall come to your rising. Kings don’t come to compromise, they also don’t come to mediocrity or cheap escence.”


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