This is a serious one. What’s really happening to the human beings of the earth? People can’t be their brothers keeper, love and support each other without thinking evil against and looking for ways to pull off other people’s plug. We need serious Deliverance from all this hate, deceit and murder. May God help us all. 

Mr. Christopher Ojika aka ‘Scanner‘ was shot in the chest and stomach on Saturday 28th October 2017 at about 4pm. Sadly he is now addressed as late and in past tense…

Late Christopher ‘Scanner’ Ojika

He was shot as he returned from an ATM where he went to withdraw money to fix his vehicle which was being attended to at a nearby mechanic workshop.

This happened in Port Harcourt, you might say Port Harcourt is too rough but it might interest you to know that it was not the gunman’s bullet that killed the fine young gentleman who was so full of life. 

It was the rot in our Healthcare Delivery System, the Health Worker’s poor attitude to work, total disregard to the Hippocratic/Florence Nightingale’s oaths and our total disregard for human life……

The young man having been shot fell on the floor and was calling for help, everyone took off in a million directions and fortunately a brave Good Samaritan decided to assist the young man who identified himself and asked to be rushed to First Rivers Hospital where he received treatment under his company cover.

Late Christopher & his Wife

Upon arriving the hospital he was not attended to, he even identified some nursing staff at the facility who had attended to him in he last and beckoned on them to help him, his appeal fell on deaf ears as a ?doctor came out and asked that he be referred. 

Those attempting to help the young man decided to rush him down to the Military Hospital Port Harcourt believing that will be the ‘best’ place for gunshot wounds to be attended to. They seem to be wrong as first aid was administered and he was referred to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) ..

Money was not a problem as everything requested for was provided.

At this point it was said that Mr Christopher was confirmed dead at about 3am, he had remained conscious while waiting to be taken to the theatre and died 11 hours after being shot without being operated on.

The family and people of Port Harcourt hasn’t been fine with the conditions surrounding the demise of a brother, friend, son and husband, Christopher Ojika, popularly known as ‘Scanner

Further Information assembled by the UkwuBenda’s bending bee, carries that, there are present speculations pointing to the fact that Christopher “Scanner” Ojika was killed at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (upth) and some of his organs were harvested. 

And that the hospital attendants at upth told his wife to go home after demanding money for different things from her by 3am, saying he was stable but his death certificate read 1am meaning, he was already dead and they were extorting money from her. 

Well, ThaUkwuBenda isn’t 100% sure about the accusation yet, but hope to get more information about this and see justice take its cause on this matter. 

Presently found out that a petition is being written to bring all the medical personnel involved, to book…

Scanner was a member of the Karatekas Port Harcourt quarter.  

This photo was taken on his last training session on the Saturday he was killed. He’s the 3rd person standing from the right on a blue belt, with glasses. 

Scanners karatekas colleagues all wore black arm band to honour him as they observed a minute of silence at the shell karate club, where he trained last before his demise

Even karatekas from Abuja and Lagos follow also honoured Scanner. 

This photo was taken on his wedding day, 2yrs ago

So sad for his family and his wife who’s already 8months pregnant with their first child.  

This was his wedding ceremony to his wife 2yrs ago… shot by Bobby Rak 

His service of songs has been scheduled for this Friday 10th of November 2017. 


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