Just musing, to improve, one must consider the factors that make promoters pay. Why do promoters pay artistes?

Ok, before you improve, first be sure your on the right path and have the proper skillset. Since promoters are our primary source of income. We need to know what makes them book artistes.

If we know why they book acts, maybe we can know what to do and then improve on that. Some say promoters need artistes, which I agree but let’s personalise it. Why will promoters need you?

Ok, since we are looking at improving skills to make you bankable. Being professional means you should start looking at the corporate world as clients

Comedians always have sponsors for events… That’s cos they realise that all businesses are looking at two things, Sales and visibility. 

I know I’m generalising, I wasn’t referring to beginners. Comedy shows have the most sponsors of all entertainment arts. There’s something they are doing right. Anyways remember that all companies need visibility and sales, so all their sponsors or ads or support most add that value. 

You are either helping them get more sales or letting more people know them, So if you as an artist are not looking at how you can help anyone you are doing business with increase sales or make them more visible…you need to change. 

Those promoters that tell you that they can’t pay and you know the show will be of value. Ask them to book a radio or television interview for u to help them promote the show, that way, you increase your brand on their bill…

I always tell promoters that call me to book interviews for me before a show, for TEDx, time didn’t permit me but I went to rhythm 93.7fm a few days after the event. 

If they cannot do that, try and insist for your picture to be on their poster and possibly if they can let them do a solo poster for you like the way PLUGGED is doing for acts. 

Back to business, always try and align yourself with potential brands. Why haven’t poetry guys done a poem about beer?

 A solid poem about beer and call it shine shine Bobo Or green bottle. If the poem is good, and goes viral… STAR will call you to negotiate how they can leaverage on your work, maybe not star, think of a local brand; 33, HERO, etc. 

U can also look at other sectors, look at things ppl use daily? Data, food, connection etc same for musicians, think broader. 

True promoters are meant to promote but they depend on acts to bring the crowds which is wrong but here’s what you have to do.

Start thinking of a yearly show that is about your brand, whenever you have the opportunity, promote your social media handles. 

Start growing your customer base ….not fanbase. A while ago I closed my IG account and Jojo Falani ( asked me why, since I’m a public figure, I told him I need to separate those who will purchase from those who just want to monitor progress

If 1000 people pay you 5k, that’s N5MILLION. How many people are in PH? Can you get 1000 ppl to give u 5k over a period of 7/8months. 

Why would anyone pay u? Whether it’s poetry, graphics etc. Why would anyone pay u? Think of your business again. Your talent should solve a NEED. 

Merge it with something that can pay and be consistent, it may take time but as long as you are going on the right path…u will strike GOLD. 

 Remember all businesses are looking at sales and visibility, Can u help them sell? Can u help them promote more?

On Sunday, 26th November 2017. TASTE LIKE MUSIC  in PH had two sponsors, MTN and Coca-Cola…I got them for my guy. It took work but we got it…and some factors were present. 

One, they had the numbers…ppl came for their past event and it could be ascertained, The event guys could show that over 5k ppl came for their last event. 

Secondly, drinks go with food…so they showed that the brand was better off with them as opposed to the competition. 

So be smart! It’s all about Sales and Visibility. If you can find a way to give any person more sales or visibility….you will see that you will surely reach your goal. 

Lastly, Beginners start small. Is there a shop on your street that you are good with the owners? Is there a friends business that you can help promote?Start with what’s available to you. 

My friend released an app and I’m his ambassador. Maybe your friend sells cloth, help him sell the cloth. Remember if they can’t pay you, get publicity instead, Because u are in the arts, u r more experienced in promoting…u can use the same methods for someones business

Some artistes here, trend their singles or shows, Why won’t you help businesses do same?


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