​”Models Are Not Prostitutes’ over 10,000 models and more have been discouraged and  asked to stop modeling because of this..

Our job as models is nothing related to having s*x with people for money.

I know this post might make me appear like a goody2shoes..but I do not care voice must be heard..

Now read carefully..if you have chosen to do what ever you want with your body..its your business not mine..but don’t you dare call yourself a model..because you are not!!!

How can a man/woman older than you with almost 30years wanna have you in bed offering to help your give you a lot of money and you choose to allow him take advantage of you know who you are?? You are supposed to be a role model to young even should be able to be proud of yourself and your not going to talk about them beauty queens that are involved too….lol..yes we know…topic for another day.

 Models have been insulted enough…I PRINCESS RUTH ONUMS will stand against anyone that tries to tarnish our image.

Yes..models take sexy pictures as some may say..we show skin and see a seductive picture..I see courage and someone who is proud of his or her marks.

Its nobody’s fault you have a twisted mind.. If young boys and girls can be raped..if they can have s*x with animals too.. Who are we?? Lol..Models have become victims…If you are gay..please gay on your own …don’t try to drag anyone in it with you.

Nobody is judging anybody..but don’t you dare say..all models are prostitutes…

We work as hard as any collar job worker….we get insulted..we go through a lot just like any other individual…

Our career is not just for fun..we work day and night..trying to make a living and actualize our dreams.

Shoutout to all the hardworking models…you will be great someday!!!

The hustle will pay…every great man has a story..this is ours!!!



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