“UceeNwanchukwu takes an untraditional approach as his sound combines a raw energy, songwriting skills, and futuristic music production that makes him stand out in a crowded field. UceeNwanchukwu’s smooth vocals tap dance over the Gem’s production, and that chorus is pure gold.

The storied singer UceeNwanchukwu walks on “Everlasting Love,” a ballad of faith and encouragement that depicts the Almighty as the kind, loving father of the New Testament, one who wants only the best for his people. Through this we can see how UceeNwanchukwu’s spiritual salvation was a given, and he expresses his gratitude on the lovingly render.

Besides, “EVERLASTING LOVE” is a song that gets under your skin. It’s not just UceeNwanchukwu calm, intimate bellow, or the stylish, voyeuristic video that addresses the viewer directly—those are part and parcel to the package, but he has created something more with this single. He’s able to pack honeyed melodies and heavy spiritual content into one song. Inshort, Ucee’s voice soars above bouncy, synth-driven percussion, and chopped vocal samples provide a gleeful counter-melody. It may be the only original content we’ve heard thus far, but “EVERLASTING LOVE” is proof enough that UceeNwanchukwu is a star on the rise.

He is making music that draws influence from all over the place, but he makes it work seamlessly, and with more solo music and production. He’s in a great spot going in to the end of 2017.”



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