Nigerian Label executive Ela Heart put us on to Yungish Iristhrough a number of musical pieces, and by releasing singles on his label, Disc Jockey World Records (A label on an inevitable rise). Yungish Iris is Nigerian born rapper & singer, currently based in Port Harcourt. 

He blends electronic production with R&B and pop vocals throughout his jaw-dropping songs, and has continued to release challenging, experimental one-offs in the time since.

Yungish Iris’ charisma is inimitable. As with many young artists, he’s unconcerned with technical rapping skills, and this turns off a lot of hip-hop traditionalists. But when you start to accept Yungish Iris for what he is and spend some time listening with an open mind, it’s easy to become a fan. These days,Yungish Iris is winning over a lot of those.

Unlike many of Port Harcourt’s aggressive up-and-comers,Yungish Iris’s delivery is odd, gentle, and glistens with a childlike playfulness and hypnotic sense of melody. In His debut single “DIALLO DIALLO”, Yungish Iris establishes one of the most compelling new sounds in Nigerian music.

It’s a combination of sounds that is becoming increasingly popular, but very few artists bring such a level of creativity or deliver such a coherent end product as Yungish Iris. “DIALLO DIALLO” is a glitchy calm music extravaganza, vocal-driven pop-rave song. A more ambitious slow-burner with a huge payoff. He hasn’t stopped working, either, dropping his second project of the end of the year.

Yungish Iris is destined to have haters, but he’s got the youth on lock, and when the kids love you, you’re going to have a bright future. Either learn to love him, or get ready to be pissed off for the foreseeable future, because Yungish Iris’s only going up from here.



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