​Popular African critic by the name, OLUMATI ISAIAH had to flog WIZKID & ERIGGA on the idea of them dropping more than a 5 track compilation and calling it an “EP”. He made his points clear as he enlightens everyone via his Facebook. 

Olumati Isaiah is a Port Harcourt based thought leader, strategist, entrepreneur, author and business coach, who has owned and operated in a few stable platforms, including his own label, Mirus Empire. 

He has constantly displayed traits of hardwork, determination in a well organized, systemized approach that leads into raising brands and businesses in the music industry to profit. 

Read his review below 

Olumati Isaiah:
“My attention has been drawn to the fact that the rapper Erriga has a 13 track “EP” to himself which he recently put out.

A few days ago, I had to shed light on the subject of what an EP really is after WIZKID declared his project SFTOS was an EP. After sharing that thought, i sat back to reevaluate considering another angle to this possible ’embarrasment’. 

Whislt i dedicated time to viewing this from a possible new angle, i stumbled on a thought. Could it be that WIZKID knows what an EP is but to score “an arrogant” point he refers to it as an EP? You know that feeling that says

 “Look an EP should be just 4-5 songs at max, but to show i have plenty of songs, to show i am WIZKID, i will put more than required then ‘debase’ the project so the small boys will know we are not in the same class.” 

Crazy as this sounds, this is a possibility.

I see Erigga trying to score the same point with his new project ‘A trip to the South’. You might ask how? With all of the drama and virality which the ignorance or embarrasment WIZKID’S announcement caused, wisdom should instruct Erigga to be more responsible and careful with the tag he would attach to his project. But you know in our world today, wisdom is a scarce commodity, more people are comfortable with knowledge; worse knowledge they can ignore.

I think the crop of Nigerian acts are now point proving however they are point proving in grand ignorance, allowing the rest of the learned word further confirm their assumptions of the education of the average African and then further berate whatever is left of that intelligence.

Erriga’s project is a fifteen tracker. Thriteen songs on the album length and two bonus song.

Someday, these guys will come up with a fifty track project and refer to it as an EP too.

Media people in the atempt to save the intergrity of their outfit and their intelligence now refer to this projects using all the names in the book so the public can suit themselves. They now put it this way ‘A new album/EP/LP/Mixtape’ whatever suits you is okay.

I am on the look out for the Album not EP by Erigga, i think it would be worth my time as He has proven himself to be super creative and consistent over the years.

Link To Post on his fbk wall 

What to do think about what he said? 

Was he right on the matter or you’ve got a different angle to this? 

Kindly drop your comment below….


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