Events on album launch has been popping up here and there, mostly from upcoming artists and labels, too many times they go extinct after that no one hears anything from them. 

To many promises and pledges easy to say, sweet in the ears but hard to fulfil. 

What actually happens after the launch? 

And why too many album launch within the short time in the music industry? 

​Olumati Isaiah had this to say;

“A lot of album launch go down across the country nearly every weekend. I do not believe in the idea of an album launch. I have experienced one too many. But I would like to speak from experience. 

A few years ago I and my band had hosted a concert. Somewhere in the cause of the concert people felt “led” to give and they began to take the microphone promising to give us xyz, ranging from N100,000 and all. It was exciting for us. We didn’t ask for it, didn’t call for it, didn’t plan for a fund raiser.  Sure we documented these promissory contributions. I recall a few people gave on the spot N200, 1,000 and if I can recall,  nothing more than N2,000 from a single person and all together not up to N10,000. The bulk of the money was promissory, the tune of some N300,000 or more. 

The following week will have us calling and sending reminder messages which got not response, after a few weeks we got a response. It was from a name on the list that didn’t have a phone number. It was a little girl. I guess she was aged fifteen or there about, she has pledged to give N2,000. She taped me that day and said Sir, I pledged that day to give N2,000 this is it. I wasn’t sure if I should take it or not. 

I gave up on general promissory in church or anywhere at that. I think this week I should do a piece on integrity and the role of the church to society.”

Now, what do you think of this? And why is this so? Please be kind enough to share your thoughts… 


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