A very strong report just got to ThaUkwuBenda from an anonymous source, concerning the just concluded fashion event tagged “YOUR BRAND EXHIBITION AND FASHION SHOW” which took place just about last night on 15th April 2017 in Aztec Acrum in Port Harcourt. 

Some weeks before the event, several agencies already met with the organizer of the event by name, WOBIA, owner of Wobia Entertainment House, to speak and negotiate terms of payment for their models, and Wobia promised everything was gonna be fine and they would all be paid, even when the models ask how much they would be paid. 

Just after the models has seriously gone through long weeks of rehearsal, dress fitting in 3 different locations including making their hair themselves, spending their own money and time, all the models were expecting to be paid nothing less than Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000), Wobia only gave them an envelope each filled with Five Thousand Naira (N5,000). 

This single act changed the mood last night for the models and their agencies, it was more like a slap to their faces to end up with such fee after all they’ve put into making the event a success. 

The story also carries that as she was confronted about the five thousand Naira given, she replied saying, they are not grateful she gave them such opportunity and that all should be happy they even had what they got, because all models in Port Harcourt never gets paid but only do free jobs, and that she did them a favour by given them such envelop after all. And why would she pay even DANDIZZY, the Artiste that performed at her event, up to Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000), is he not a Port Harcourt artist? She asked, that Port Harcourt people they do pay them very little. 

Many other things were said, posted and shared in anger, by angry models and participants of the event. Here’s is a note that was found in ThaUkwuBenda’s mailbox;

“These are the things that kill careers, now these models will feel less of themselves, some could back out from their career just because of some selfish fellows who only care about themselves”

These are really strong words filled with bitterness. This shows how hurting the models must have been getting such, after the event. Well, ThaUkwuBenda would try to hear from the organizers on this matter, so stay glued for more info. 


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