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The hit maker, music producer, Artist and sound wizard, Reflex Soundz took to his Facebook timeline to educate and advice all new artists, who’s got a new Record deals. 

Read carefully below, you might learn something new:

Reflex Soundz: “New artists with new record deals steady making and repeating the same mistakes, same template, same path, same procedure, can’t learn from the mistake of others until they make their own,  sometimes few are lucky enough​ to recover from it,  most just drown, blinded by the quest to become stars so quick that they loose sight of what’s most important. 

It’s more than talent and a wealthy investor…it’s way more.Before a field becomes a fruitful farm, it has to be cultured… U can’t force the growth of those crops, they most obey certain laws out in place by God almighty to sprout. Yes you can catalyze the procedure, but that’s the best that can be achieved, even then, something is given away if u try to bypass a natural law…. 


Lack of a new dedicated team (they go famzin the so called gate keepers)

Lack of a new sound… Trynna remake their own version of what’s already in the market..

Jumping into labels and insulating themselves away from reality, in ur own small superstar, celebrity protected box, hence creating either a Loss in building a core fanbase or gradually loosing the small core fanbase already gathered

Too quick to conclude that as far as they are in labels, putting out music and videos that they are successful.. Which is obviously not the case… ur work just started

If they have successfully built a dedicated fanbase work on creating alliances with a team that can put u up in competition with those at the top…don’t bother trynna impress the core fanbase, their yours already, just go for the kill that’s what they want the most for you and in that way you would be giving them more reasons to stay tuned to ur sound..

Failure to evolve… U gotta make songs for the future and stop focusing on the current trend alone……. Try fusing international sound with the local sounds and please never think of your immediate audience alone, wen doing music. In my opinion, that is myopic. Obviously very few of them are feeding themselves with Lotta international sound so it’s expected..
The real money, fame and power is in exporting your music.. Not making music that can’t cross your gate.

Lot of them don’t know how to manage fame… So they make colossal errors cutting off relationships that could be very beneficial in the future with the…. ” who em epp? ” or “I don blow” mentality… Stay humble but don’t be a fool… Always keep it low key but stay woke..

And here is one major one. Once a new artists get a good record deal .. It some good level of popularity, they surround themselves with loyalists without knowing it.. Or even considering they danger. Look…… having the…”baba all correct… Dem dey feel u , na u dey reign.”… Kinda people around u blurs ur vision , decreases ur drive and eventually ur output.. And the law of diminishing returns starts to kick in…..

There is this common belief that connecting urself to the already successful people in the industry would make you like them.. Well if carefully utilized it will, but have you ever thought about listening to those who tried and failed so they could tell you the harsh truth of the real mistakes they made probably tell you a more safer direction to point ur bow and arrow?

Remember it’s nt only the people playing the football match who know the game you would be surprised the info the sincere observers can give you that would be of immense benefit to your career

Well after all said.. I am not a superstar, I am not a music mogul either….. I am just a realist who loves music and wanna see people do well in a career path I think i have a reasonably good experience in… It’s my observation.. It’s really nothing personal. 

Lotta time it’s hard to manage fame and during youthful exuberance,  poor decision making process happens. Its worse because that youthful nature would never make the artist accept that he could actually be wrong here.  The main reasons why I said .. They can’t learn from anyone else’s mistake except theirs…  It’s gonna take absolute grace and or a young person of rare nature to actually sail through without scratches…”


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