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“I made a post about APC’s appreciation of technology more than PDP does and some of my friends were uncomfortable about it. Some good friends contacted me to explain why i should not have made that post. 

Well, the best way to move forward is to tell yourself hard truths about you.

Recent phone call leaks by Sahara Reporters shows that the APC is not joking in their ambition to stay on top of Nigeria’s political sphere. 

I recall one of president Buhari’s statements on live TV after the elections where he explained in clear words thus

 “I want to thank our international partners who made this victory possible by providing us with superior technology that kept us ahead through out the elections”

In a technologically sound clime, this statement would have attracted so much attention but here it was just another speech by a president elect. 

We forgot that the election was largely done with card readers that needed to send sensitive data via electronic waves back to a central server that would process these data and compute them as election results. 

They forgot that electronic waves can be jammed and could be manipulated if well intercepted and retransmitted. No one in the PDP probably thought of that and even when such issues were raised by the likes of me and others, it was another flimsy talk by some computer boys.

See, the DSS does not have to be the one to bug your lines. With a technology called “Simple Tool” your phone lines can easily be hacked and your conversations leaked. Accusing DSS of bugging phone lines may just be elevating them beyond their technological grasp.

Fully aware of the vulnerability of technological conversations, the US president is accompanied by a safe tent mobile secure area known as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, designed to allow officials to have top secret discussions on the move without earsdroping or hacking. Built to secure the presidents mobile and internet communications, the safe tent accompanies the president everywhere he goes. Added to this the FBI intelligent unit conducts pre checks on all facilities to be used by the president. Steps like removing all electronics in his hotel rooms and clearing three floors in any suite he stays are part of the security steps.

I knew the APC had its hands on superior technology when GEJ’s conceding call to Buhari was leaked moments after the call was made. 

I also have no doubt that even #DasukiGate had its tip off from leaked conversations within the circles that shared the funds. 

The PDP as a party needs to wake up and stop engaging none professionals to run the show. Any sound political writer and analyst can be an SA on media or social media but there should always be an IT professional in the team for a professional advice.  

Putin is a threat to the US today not just because of the Russian nuclear warheads but importantly because of the Russian intelligence and security experts who keep penetrating the US intelligence but make it difficult for the US to do same to Russia.

Technology rules the world. Accept it or don’t.”


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