A colleague of mine had a lot to say about the one time self proclamed king of the Underground and formerly Port Harcourt based artist, M-Kaze  

Some of the Port Harcourt based artist tend to switch off from their sounds when to go to Lagos thinking it’s the only way to get accepted easily into their own market and fast to forget that they were Kings & Queens where they came from. And their original sounds was what gave them that uniqueness to be valued. 

In the process of switching over, the taste of their food changes, all the juice gets mixed up and creates something disturbing to take in, then they start struggling all over again from square one. 

Here was what Jojo Falani had to say about M-Kaze, a victim of such switch

“King of the underground as he used to call himself was no doubt king of Port Harcourt as his songs were everywhere; but now i doubt if he even has a head warmer, talk more of a crown. Take it or leave it, Mkaze lost his crown the moment he set foot outta Port Harcourt.

I can’t really tell how and where this highly talented singer missed it, could it be strategy? or change in style? The Mkaze i used to know has a unique voice that made him stand out in the past. It might as well be that he couldn’t keep up with the new trends. Back when he was in Port Harcourt he dropped songs effortlessly and every one of them was a hit. Did i forget to say that Mkaze has over 3 albums while in Port Harcourt and there albums were almost sold out but in Lagos, NO ALBUM! Releasing singles sef nawa.

His exit from Port Harcourt to Lagos isn’t as sweet as his debut hit “From PH to LAG“, It’s over 4years since he left Port Harcourt and he hasn’t been able to make a single hit. He’s had collaborations (Weak collaborations tho) with Soundcity’s Vj Adams and recently one which holds high prospect with Solidstar (We wish him well). In my opinion, his collaborations with Blah (Now Aboysouth), Rekniz, Frank D’Nero, Maxi and Bukwild were far better than what he’s done recently.

Mkaze’s videos enjoys massive airplay on top tv and radio stations but then it still doesn’t breakthrough and it leaves me wondering whether it’s VILLAGE WAHALA; the song he featuring Mkaze, Ganjaman, K-K Da Big Show and others. If it is then i’ll suggest we all engage in one month fasting and prayer.

I heard he was signed into AMA SOUND and was given a ride and a house; could it be social media hype? Abeg! Biko!! Mkaze if the Lagos industry isn’t going well with you, i’ll suggest you take a break and re-strategies.”

Quoted gist credit: www.phcitypromo.com


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