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“It is no doubt that the commissioner of culture and tourism has no idea about what her ministry stands for. If she does, i want to believe she won’t be seeking investors to get approval from her office before investing or organising events/shows. 

At this point when artists and entertainers are relocating to lagos, we want them back in Port Harcourt to enable us grow the entertainment industry, and make Port Harcourt an entertainment hub, and not to place a ban that will scare people.  Originally Port Harcourt is more of loving city, less traffic,  friendly people, full of night life and fun etc.. 

But lately things have gone bad in the city our brothers and sisters have relocated and relocating to other cities and countries. In fact a sister based in Abuja refused to visit Port Harcourt during the Christmas holidays because of fear of how unsafe the city is, together with all the stories  about Port Harcourt on social media, tv and radio. elections has come and gone but leaving bitterness in the minds of many individuals, unlike other states in Nigeria, Rivers State had elections, re-run and re-runs of elections that took lives and left  hate in minds of many. Now I expected the ministry of culture and tourism to think of an entertaining events or shows  that will unite the people of Rivers State, I expected the ministry to think of how to re-build Port Harcourt zoo, Isaac boro park, Port Harcourt international hotel just to mention a few… 

People of Port Harcourt believe me  one of the few ways to make Port Harcourt the Garden City again is to allow a free flow of shows and events, in fact the ministry of culture and tourism should think towards celebrating legends like late Jack-West Omodu aka Western of Garden City Band, Late Jim Rex Lawson, Dr. Obi Wali, Ken Saro Wiwa. We can also celebrate our living legends and veterans in NollyWood, Julius Agwu, Hilda Dokubo, Gentle Jack  and many more…. If we must know my people artiste like M. Kaze, Frank D’ Nero, Timaya, M Thrill,  Wacomzy , Burna Boy and many more relocated to lagos for a greener pasture in the entertainment industry, if we have them base in port harcourt, it will be a step bigger and higher for us. How well have the ministry of culture and tourism supported or celebrated our own Port Harcourt first son Duncan Mighty, this is one man in recent times that has supported the growth of entertainment in Rivers State.

  Again 40% of Nollywood are products of  Port Harcourt yes 40% old and new  but they are based in lagos and abuja. Another of our own Muma Gee, the first Rivers State daughter in recent times that took the industry by storm and made Port Harcourt proud, how good has the ministry of culture and tourism supported her.

 Now imagine if we have all this big names that are products of Port Harcourt  live and shoot their movies in Port Harcourt, not only will it increase our stake in the industry it will also increase the number of successful entertainers from this part of the country, it  will be a plus for the state economically and otherwise. 
Yet someone is putting to an end all events and shows without her approval. Please someone tell her it won’t stand, we know the idea behind it, is to generate money for herself.  the growing entertainment industry in Port Harcourt won’t obey such an order as it is not going to help the industry here. 
A word they say is enough for the wise. It is only a foolish man that goes to bed when his house is on fire… Let’s make Port Harcourt the Garden City again. 
#allowfreeevents #allowfreeshows #sayNOtoministryofcultureandtourism #supporteventsinportharcourt #supportshowsinportharcourt 

Omodu Jack-West

Publisher: Garden City Magazine 
Founder/Owner : (Record Label)  O’Town Entertainment Worldwide”


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