News reaching ThaUkwuBenda from Owerri, IMO State carries that tissue paper business is trending all over the town and it’s now a day to day transaction. 

Every where you look you’d find stocks and packs of tissues papers been transported by the local tricycle (keke) or hundreds of hawkers selling tissue papers on the streets and major roads in traffic. 

Almost every average person or homes in Owerri has not less than 5 tissues and most of this tissues are sold to the public without branded wraps. The jumbo sized tissue is what flies around this time, that’s the family size that was regularly sold at N200 retail price is now sold for N100. 

ThaUkwuBenda wonders why this was the rush and trend of the period. 

OK cause it’s #MadeInNigeria the dollar raising didn’t affect it and seems like a better way out to grow the Owerri, Imo State economy? 

Is there something else this tissues are now used for apart from the regular use for it? 

Is is cause of the recession or more lack of employment? 

If a lot of persons are now retailing/hawking tissue paper at this rate just to eat and pay bills, ThaUkwuBenda fears that a time might come when people would be forced to buy tissue even when you don’t really need one.

…..You’d surely get more info on this matter, do stay glued to this blog and please ThaUkwuBenda would like to know your take on this matter. Drop your comments below…. 


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