Beyoncé & KessyDriz (from left to right)

KESSYDRIZ, one of Niger Delta’s finest female artist, took to her Facebook wall yesterday pouring out her mind to the comments and back lashes from her fans and critics. 
After the whole talk about KESSYDRIZ been a copycat of YEMI ALADE‘S looks now it falls on trying to copy Queen B (BEYONCÉ). 

Some Fans seems not to be cool with her (KessyDriz) trying to look like someone else but would like for her to be herself and unique. While some other fans don’t have a problem with that. 

Well, ThaUkwuBenda thinks everyone who’s inspired and aspiring to be somewhere, something or someone, always have a mentor, an icon or role model they tend to emulate or rub off from one way or the other. It tends to keep them fulfilling and on the right track when they tap, say or do similar things their role model, icon or mentor does or say. 

In this cas, for KESSYDRIZ, YEMI ALADE & BEYONCÉ maybe her own role models one way or the other. She (KessyDriz) would have a better reason for her fashion actions. 

Here’s what KESSYDRIZ had to post on her wall:

“People will always Talk about u.. even wen u dead.. so it’s better they talk when u alive so you sit and enjoy the rumour … 

U call me “CopyCat” Nice 1.. well that’s bcos u so damn blind to fashion and trends bitch.. 

I knew u expected me to do the so called “Yemi Alade” attire cos u never stopped saying I’m copying her, now u damn shocked wen I brought “QueenB”. Hahahha don’t have heart attack on ma case sweety.. please u people should lemme alone oooo.. I’m jus having fun .. Bad belle here and there

We keep Slaying #KessyDriz😁😁😄😁”


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