Amaikah, the gorgeous goddess of songs, from  akwa-ibom state, sub-Saharan Africa. Born on august 23, Her real names are ( ubiebifayen-otu obo-wisdom) was born into a musical family, last child and the only daughter of late bishop otu-ekong-edien, who was a clergy n a musician before his death, her siblings are musicians as well.

Her music is a fusion of the sweetest songs of all genres, you will never hear anywhere.           The sound is familiar but yet fresh and automatically classic. She refers to her style as “africa rhythm and soul”.                                                                                                                           Amaikah writes her own songs- from personal experiences and events in her immediate environment. Whilst she’s still working on her debut album,  a few of her songs are ruling the airwaves .                                             In jan 2014, she released and premiered globally her video titled ” African woman”, sounds spontaneous, exciting, natural and unforced. In the song, Amaikah communicates comprehensively with her listeners, with her effortless interplay between her voice and instrumental.                                                                                  AMAIKAH  said; explaining the inspiration behind the song, that “African woman”, is the celebration of the African woman.                                                                               She says “there’s power in our looks, confident in our gait, sexiness in our curves and above all, The African woman is strong and beautiful . 

The song was produced by ‘PAPI-J ‘and the video was shot in south-Africa by godfather production.  

Amaikah released another song in may, titled “I am Nigeria ” it’s a peace song and a prayer for Nigeria , especially at the moment when we re facing trying times: killings, kidnapping, bombings and all.                     

This is a project embarking on peace and unity in Nigeria.                                                         

Amaikah aka de song goddess recently premiered the video of “rainy night” that was used as one of the sound tracks for the hit movie series titled” lekki wives  ” the song addresses domestic violence and women abandonment, some clips of the movie was used in the video.                                                                                                                                           The video was shot in Lagos  featuring one of the influential pokaface & directed by Stan-aneto.  

Amaikah has another beautiful song, it’s a remix of a popular hit in the 60s, it’s a fusion of highlife and hip-hop beats with a beautiful blend of ibibio, Efik and English.                                  In april this year she released a love song titled sweetie my belle, the song has been enjoying massive air plays globally and interviews too, she is preparing for the videos of both songs. The song was produced by masterkraft , mixed and mastered by zeeno foster




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