Confirmed reports has reached our news-desk about the rumors making the rounds that KIKIS BRIGGS an afro pop act and a business magnet is a Gay.
From the information we gathered, the allegation was based on his recent success he has recorded in the past few months by working hand-in-hand with top Government officials in and outside Rivers state.

a correspondent from UKALASBLOG spoke with Kikis to share his own view on the recent brouhaha and he had this to say; 

“as a celebrity people would definitely say bad against you when you succeed beyond their expectation in a state where entertainment is not widely accepted and paying off as it should be. am an entertainer and this rumor is undoubtedly coming from peeps in the entertainment industry that are awe of my success in the past few months. now i want to clear the air, one of the strong bond i have with Rivers state government officials and other top government officials outside rivers state is as a result of stage production i do for them when they have campaign or any big event” he said.

He continued “am a married man and will never engage myself on such an ungodly act. am grateful to God for a spiritual father in the person of Prophet Paul Joseph who has in all time been a source of inspiration and blessing to my life through prophetic counseling”  

he concluded.

Kikis and Felix Obuah (Sole Administrator of the Rivers State Waste Management Agency and Chairman of the Rivers state People’s Democratic Party.

Just incase you never knew, Kikis is the C.E.O of Tubkiks Multi-Purposes, The registered office of the company is situated in Nigeria, South Africa and Thailand and Vietnam. The object for which the company is establish are: To engage in the business of media production, entertainment services, movies, stage production, importation of musical stages, importation of musical equipments, fashion/clothing and accessories, event creating, promotion, artist production, film production, magazine production and publication, advertisement & documentaries, indoors/outdoors shows, cinematography/theatre services. To engage in modeling services / agency, park creation services beauty pageants and event gallery. 

To engage in sales supply and distribution of telecommunication and computer systems, tools marketing and maintenance services, photographic, printing work, equipment and other accessories.

Stage by Kikis’ Tubkiks Multi-Purpose company for a PDP Campaign.


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