Popular blogger, COMRADE PHILS, isn’t happy with the response he’s seeing from the social media concerning the killing of 8 Christians in Zamfara Polytechnic, accused of blasphemy. 

Below was he’s comment on the issue.. 

“I don’t know why the Nigerian social media space should be quiet at the deaths of 8 christian students in Zamfara state. They were burnt alive after being accused of blasphemy. I just don’t get it. How long will we live in our country as slaves? 

First, it was the woman in Kano, then Beatrice of Redeem Church killed in Abuja and now 8 students… 

If Aisha Buhari travelled to the US or Goodluck Jonathan received an award, social media will go agog but 8 innocent christian students are killed and no one cares!

I will not keep quiet at this evil. These carnibalistic and barbaric acts have got to stop. If a man can be arrested for naming a dog Buhari, why shouldn’t people be accountable for taking innocent lives.

Fellow Christians and all well meaning human beings rise up and demand for justice. Those who perpetrated this act should be brought to book. Share this and make yours with the hah tag:


Let the world know that Christians are being persecuted in Nigeria and the government keeps quiet and does nothing.

If you keep quiet, just remember any of those innocent students could have been your loved one!”


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