The Port Harcourt first son and Niger Delta youth brand ambassador, Duncan Mighty posted this photo on his Instagram timeline and had to drop a long caption comment about it…


@duncanmighty  –  The Shame of Negative Womanhood.

It is gradually becoming a norm and almost acceptable for our ladies, sisters, future mothers and even mothers to expose the hidden and most cherished treasures.

What has happened to our core values? Who has done this to us? Must our ladies expose their treasures to attain the “enviable” height as a model?

Many hardly think about the aftermath of their acts today. You must not as a lady go unclad to become popular or attain a celebrity status.

It’s almost unbelievable that our society hardly see anything wrong in these trends as many of these gory pictures receive great praises and encomiums.

These days we have beauty without brain as most of these self acclaimed models have dumped their thinking faculties in a bid to attaining celebrity status.

Thanks to Miss Enterprise Global 2016 whose core aim is to redefine the concept of modeling and pageant in Nigeria. We are trying to build fulfilled, intelligent and decent role models and ladies. You don’t need to expose your God given treasures as a lady to attain any height in life.
We condemn this as it does not fall within the values of positive womanhood. I know this will not have as many likes as expected but the truth is told he who have ears let him hear

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