One of ThaUkwuBenda’s favorite sound doctor, REFLEX SOUNDZ, Africa’s biggest fast rising producer and artist took to his Facebook timeline to share a strong and vital matter that really needs to be looked into in the eastern part of Nigeria – Owerri.


Not everyone is probably gonna take this lightly, and I can understand, but its my Facebook account and I can post what I want.. 😯 lol..

I have finally come to the conclusion that most of the wealthy men/women who choose to invest in Owerri Imo state are sort of “Myopic” in their business ideas. If not,  pls Justify the ” Hotel/Lounge and club /fast food/ beer parlour and Fuel filling station craze?

I visited shoprite for the first time, day before yesterday and I was just as disgusted as I was wen i saw parents taking young kids to celebrated bars with hotel besides them in a bid to look for a relaxation spot,  I mean some people actually dress up and go to shoprite thinking it’s an amusement park of some sort… damn . 😭😭

These Investors Have more than enough money to invest in other very profiting business ideas that wld not only provide services lacking in the small city (plus d fact that they wld be developing it) but they would also provide employment for they seemingly huge  concentration of youths in the state

I have tried to understand the reasons behind the current business trend as said earlier.. (hotel club,bars, fast food, fuel filling stations etc)….d new one now is…. “Phone Shops”… Smh…makes me wonder how many pple buy phones in a day in a small city like owerri… Lol……and I finally figured it out…. “CHEAP LABOUR”

There is hardly a privately owned nursery, primary or secondary school, I mean for God  sakes they are still practically waiting for Genesis cinema to open at shoprite and make all d money alone, right under their nose.. Lol
No bigger and professional media houses, no proper Internet providers (spectranet and d rest of dem) sadly… we still use cheap telecommunication modems,…amusement parks for kids…. Infact i wld leave the rest for y’all to list… The list goes on..

The way the hotels re coming up…they might soon outnumber the rented apartments.. Lol… With the price of an apartment here in Owerri. One wld wonder if it’s got some tourism value attached to it.. Lol.. But unfortunately, I see none

Imo state has two universities, two polytechnics,  one college of education and a nursing school..if I am not mistaken.. This shld translate to having a large number of educated youths with bright business ideas, unfortunately they stay untapped.

I once asked the owner of a hotel why he chose to invest in one, just outta curiosity..  he gave me a very flat awnser something I’m sure he wldnt be able to defend in d next four years When his hotel is washed up due to lack of maintenance and probably newer ones that wld have opened up… He Said… “Its very profitable here in d east”.  I agreed with him tho.  It really is profitable. But i disagreed with him that it is the “ONLY” very profitable business that can be.”


Is this true? What’s your own take on this? And how best do you think it should be?

Feel free to drop your comments here….

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