REFLEX SOUNDZ earlier made a post about what he thinks and feel concerning NYSC on his Facebook timeline. Read carefully below and let’s know your take on this. Drop your comments below..

“So I hear President Buhari is about to scrap that NYSC and post UME scheme.
And I’m like…pheewww… So someone finally sees the futility in that exercise in a time like this..its nt only a waste of time for most of the new graduates who I personally feel would have invested their time into more productive exercise, but it’s also a total waste of funds.

Obviously a lot of politicians have been in support of its continuity because of what they stand to gain financially from it…but i think it’s high time it’s put to an end.
Over the years it has exposed our new graduates to very volatile environments, lives have been lost, be it through violence during elections, tribal clashes, road accident, religious instigated fights, etc all in d name of NYSC.

They call it service to the country.. I don’t see how that’s service to a country thats been on a steady downward spiral, when even the funds apportioned for the scheme itself is looted and only a fraction is used.
Now hopefully, they can remove that clause given to multinationals and other companies to employ our graduates without that Nysc certificate. That saves us one year after spending over 4 years sometimes way more, because of Strikes and all.. And hopefully a better shot at getting a job.

It’s obvious the exercise was heading for its end, look at the state of the camps, have u asked ur parents what NYSC looked like back in their time?.. If u do.. U wld not even be proud to put that uniform on walking d streets feeling like some “government property” as some put it.. Lol

The wages per month for the NYS corpers is barely enuf to get by, (deze day’s before u even collect d money sef….na suffer……) hence the need for guardians or parents to send extra funds for their children to support them after they thought they were through paying tuition….Its not as if the exercise even assures u a job…Sad…
Many are posted to remote villages….needless to explain the risks
I have always felt the scheme has been living on past glory and because most Nigerians have been convinced to celebrate it as some sort of uphill social status, Practically.. ITS NOT…

Nt completely disregarding the little benefits it may have been for a few or probably a lot Of Nigerians, but in all, I think it’s been more harm than good. And shld be scrapped…
What do u think.. Ur comments please…”

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