painting credit – Kendy Joseph (Chevelin illustration )
story written by: Chibuike Francis Duru
  • Once up a time in UMUAHIA, a small village in eastern NIGERIA, there lived a warrior princess ADAOBI by name, she had a pet named DIKE.FB_IMG_1461010234523

ADAOBI was a very beautiful princess who loved playing games,she would always go hunting with her dog dike and each day they always come home with a kill.
Umuahia and the neighboring village had a unique lifestyle and dress style. A typical Umuahite would have series of tribal marks and paintings drawn on their body for identification and to easily distinguish them from indegenes/citizens of the next community.FB_IMG_1461011167077

Their men and women always had their chest exposed, although covered with some paintings. this culture has been passed down from generation to generation as the gods of their ancestors had instructed.

it’s a beautiful morning, and ADA sets out for hunting. She was accompanied by her only partner in crime dike…
DIKE had earlier on suggested they should go fishing and ADAOBI agreed to that, so they went to the river to fish. dike was a very smart and field-trained dog.

The day was a very rewarding one because they caught a lot of fishes and by noon they started going back home.
Something happened on the way.

FB_IMG_1461011187327Someone out of nowhere grabbed ADAOBI from behind. His body structure revealed more of a warrior,his hands were very hard and he seemed more of a giant, ADA thought to herself.

DIKE the smart dog could sense danger, he quicFB_IMG_1461011204323kly knocked the warrior down and passed ADAOBI‘s bow to her, ADA stood up quickly and almost got the warrior killed ….“i surrender, i mean no harm, my name is EMEKA” said the warrior. ADAOBI tied EMEKA up and took him to her village , the people of FB_IMG_1461011213195Umuahia wondered about what the princess was up to…“who is the stranger and what has the princess got to do with him” they all murmured while Ada head straight to the palace.

ADA had a friend CHISOM. She was intelligent and beautiful.FB_IMG_1461011290819

CHISOM watched from a distance while ADA tied EMEKA up to a tree.
ADA was very hungry, so she went into the royal kitchen to prepare something to eat.

FB_IMG_1461011331755CHISOM was interested in knowing more about EMEKA, she got close and started to ask series of questions which EMEKA never hesitated to answer in a brilliant and interesting manner, she liked him already.

FB_IMG_1461011356772EMEKA succeeded in convincing CHISOM to untie him and she obliged

DIKE never agreed to her decision and tried to stop her, before they both knew it EMEKA had untied himself.FB_IMG_1461011388886

ADA noticed someone walking close to her from behind, she tried to reach to her dagger for self defense.


But EMEKA quickly disarmed her, He was a very handsome young man that no lady could resist easily.

EMEKA committed a serious crime in umuahia, ADA FB_IMG_1461011450196warned him but he was very stubborn and would not listen, he ate from the royal kitchen.

FB_IMG_1461011480213the penalty for all crimes committed within the territories of umuahia community was death.

 Information reached the queen EZENWANYI and she came with some guards to arrest EMEKAFB_IMG_1461011517625.
She sentenced EMEKA to death by stabbing….

FB_IMG_1461011535081She gave her daughter the honor of killing EMEKA
“Here, use this royal dagger to kill the stranger, make me proud and show the community that you are as strong as your mother” EZENWANYI said.FB_IMG_1461011556522

ADA led EMEKA away to be killed. it was a decision she was never comfortable with.FB_IMG_1461011604254


EZENWANYI secretly sent two guards to confirm EMEKA’s death by returning the royal dagger with the stranger’s blood on it. unfortunately they were disappointed because ADA could not kill the young man.FB_IMG_1461011637109


ADA broke the law of the land, she disobeyed the queen whose command was supreme and final. She had cut EMEKA lose.FB_IMG_1461011654210

The guards seized her, the superior guard gave the dagger to EMEKA and asked him to kill ADAOBI

FB_IMG_1461011699373ADAOBI looked right into emeka’s eyes.


…to be continued.


painting credit – Kendy Joseph (Chevelin illustration )
story written by: Chibuike Francis Duru

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