casablanca phRumours has been sky rocking and nose diving around the City of Port Harcourt for a long time now saying that a top Hospitality firm known as CASABLANCA SPORTS BAR & RESTAURANT has been sold out to a church (Name Withheld).

Due to the viral effects of the rumour, the MD decided to come out open and clear the air.

Read her statement below:

“My name is Mercy Castillo, C. E. O of Casablanca Restaurant and Sports Bar, #2 Sani Abacha Road, Gra. Phc. I am from Rivers State and a native of Amadi Ama.
It’s so Amazing and at the same time so annoying how people just sit and talk about what they are not sure of just because some jobless loser or hater started a story based on jealousy ..

It’s ok to gossip , but shouldn’t the gossip be a true one?? Since the person is so sure ? Honestly , I think people should spend more time Reading , writing , learning how to help our country grow or be better than it is, than just sit and cook up a LIE, just because you are too lazy to do what you think others can’t do .. Then when you see the person doing it, the hatred won’t let you enjoy it, and you think you can just start a lie ??

I want my good people of Rivers State to know that I have not SOLD Casablanca to anyone or any organization, may be I should speak pidgin English. NA ME GET CASABLANCA !!! And it’s not for SALE!!! If I get tired of running Casablanca, I will rent it, and if I am no more in this world , and my kids want to sell , it’s their business, but for now. It’s not for SALE, or sold to anyone.

Please this whole story going round Should stop! And again, I don’t own or want to open another business at Ada George , Trans Amadi , or Obiwali Road, people should be a bit creative and mind their business .
Isn’t it so pathetic how some people waste so much time listening to things that people just sit and cook up? And it’s so sad that the same people believe their own lies they make up in their head..

Casablanca is a fun place, we are open 24 hours, Monday to Monday, we have good food, good music, cold drinks, we cater for weddings, and every occasion, we even teach people to cook ..
Let’s stop believing that our differences makes us superior or inferior to one another,
Live life! Enjoy life!

My greatest challenge has been the street , which I have tried to get rid of the Hawkers on the street, but no one wants to help , I can’t do it all by myself, l’lI just hope and pray that this new Government will come to my rescue and get rid of all those Hawkers on the street, because it’s so annoying whenever I see them crawling out in the evenings ..
Life is to be enjoyed my friends,
so please HATERS!!! Stop the fake GOSSIP!! And come to Casablanca and enjoy !! My adorable friends, feel free to like, comment and share ..
One Love!!”

Mercy Castillo
Casablanca Restaurant & Sports Bar.
Thanks for reading ,

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