Just after Snazzy Labels wrote an article on  Kessydriz, giving her credits for her 2015 performances via his platform www.snazzylabels.com, an entertainment critic Ojo Thomas dropped an article on www.105africa.net in which he lashed Kessydriz hard, lol read Article below;

“Contrary to the just published article on Snazzylabels.com about the Port Harcourt female singer KESSYDRIZ, I have come to say that her music career will not go far even if she is been shot with a rocket if she continues with her acts.

If you listen to Kessydriz singing, the first thing that comes to your mind is Yemi Alade! If you observe her dress sense closely you will notice Yemi Alade, how about her hair style, it’s all Yemi Alade! Now one begins to wonder how she intends to standout when she is already living the Yemi Alade’s Dream aka someone else’s shadow.

Yemi alade is already a brand and anyone trying to copy her style will end up like BLACK FACE, JOEL, M-KAZE, CHEMISTRY, DIZZ BABY, FAZE, WACONZY, YOUNG STUNNA, DANAS, BUCKWILD ETC.

With my wide understanding of Nigeria Music industry, Kessy Driz aka ‘’yemi wanna be’’ like I fondly call her is making no head way if she continues with her copyright style of music. She needs to understand that music goes beyond Port Harcourt, Niger Delta, Nigeria and even Africa.

I heard someone saying that Kessy driz will be the next to blow and am like WAH! How? When? Where? From which location? Oh maybe blow in terms of Boko Haram bombing because for all I know she is going now where…Am not hating and so don’t get me wrong please… but for all I know She has nothing to sell just a refurbished yemi alade. For Christ Sake you all need to go and watch her latest video “NKEM’’  then you will list a lot of Copyright cases for me.

I heard from www.snazzylabels.com that she is cooking something new this year, who knows what she will drop this time maybe she will convert all her songs to Swahili just like her Mentor ‘’YEMI ALADE’’ has done.

In Conclusion, I am not hating rather am trying to let you know that you need to work harder, become original, create your own style and the sky will be your limit because acting, dressing or singing like YEMI ALADE will not save you nor your career”.

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  2. SANDRA if that’s what you think, feel or know, then you have to reformat your system and come out more often. You can’t be secluded or reserved and say PHC don’t have originality. PHC is rich in creativity and originality.

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